Hi everyone. I just registered here to ask one simple question about matchmaking in the VG. As all we know teamwork is a real thing in MOBAS so it’s kind of unfair to face full/triple/duo party team with all solo players in yours. So why don’t SEMC make OPTIONAL real solo q. I think that many players agree that it better to wait 10 minutes to get a fair match then to wait 5 mins and get destroyed because of no team play at all. This may happen at almost any tier you are. Sorry for my bad English, GLHF :sunglasses:strong text

OK so a while back, SEMC said they’d only put teams of 3 against other teams of 3. This was before 5v5, and I don’t know if anything changed then, but I think for ranked 3v3 at least that’s still true, and I think also in 5v5 teams of 5 only go against other teams of 5.

One of the reasons matchmaker is such a pain is because of the small playerbase. SEMC know (or at least they should by now) that if they split the queues any more than they already have, it will take players forever to find a match that will probably be unbalanced.

Also, I know you’ve said otherwise, but I doubt most people will want to wait 10 minutes for a match which will only last 15-20 (in most cases) it’s a mobile game, it’s meant to be playable on the go, so it should be quick and easy to find matches.

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That’s true dude, but it makes high elo games kinda stupid because u face 2700 full party vs 2400 randoms in your team. It’s more like full party grinding elo then a competitive thing

Wrong and quite freq I face full teams while in full soloq party. Atleast in t10.

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