How are you supoosed to carry when you get matches with teammates like these? Bad players should not even be touching ranked. Stick to casual until you learn how to not die so often. Dont 1v5 the team, dont build defence as a last item, build it earlier. If I give a warning ping, dont enter or you will just die. Im sorry that im titlted, just very annoyed with matchups like this.


They honestly need to make rank conditions harder

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Man how did you guys even manage to stretch it out that far? Your Gwen was one of only two decent players on your team (other being you) and she didn’t even do that great. I feel bad that you had to sit through this. What tier is this?

Its a T6 game. All of my games are like this. In draft people dont indicate their roles either. Might just stick to casual or ill drop to t5.

Or play during gamers hour in the wee of night

You mad… man?

Thier builds aren’t terrible assume joule just steam rolled Vox… and your midlane kept getting ganked because Skarf s stats aren’t great.

In fact lol at everyone’s CS… oh and you got massively outdrafted IMO, look at all the CC on thier side!

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Don’t go captain in this tier, insta lock carry and show them how its done


I think this is true for pretty much all the lower tiers these days. I don’t know what’s happened to the game … no one in lower tiers seems to have any idea what they’re doing.

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Or say captain pick grace do wp and steal the top lane

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I think you can captain in lower tiers, but snowballing is more important that general team utility… so get some damage early, keep the lanes pushed, rotate a lot… that kind of thing. That said, sometimes it just isn’t in the cards, and your team is all over the place. In that case, try to set up distractions cross-map, and split push split push split push


I don’t understand why this is matchmakers fault. You had one bad teammate and you made it to 25 minutes… this looks like a pretty balanced match from an unbiased 3rd person view…

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Do this in every tier. It’s actually foolproof. We’ll end up with 4 Celestes and a captain Petal you say? Nonono shh it’llbefineshshshh

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Even in poa it’s like that… absurd.

I know some here are saying instalock carries, but wouldn’t that mean the gold would be shared between laner/jungler, meaning I wont get a good build fast enough?

I was thinking maybe i can play an agressive captain and rush aftershock, stormcrown on my catherine then go to defensive items. On ardan maybe I could rush TB and stormcrown.

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