Matchmaking neeeds to get fixed for blitz

Firstly I’m not salty because I knew from the moment I saw it we lost for sure but honestly how can this even happen?

Seriously 250 is so Low even for t4 can we please make so nobody lower than t4 can play blitz

I played blitz the other day and got a player had higher rank than me in blitz and he was playing a hero he had 5 stars on him , the whole match he was farming while I was getting pressured in lane , I tried so hard to carry the game but we lost because the time ended with 1 point difference , I think blitz not worth the time .

This guy had 280 points both me and Fortress was trying hard to win

We were loosing 7-0 but we managed to to come back and tie at 10-10 but then Fortress died last second trying to get kill with turret dive and opponents chased me down and killed me for 12-10

There shouldn’t be a matchmaker at all in Blitz.


tbh, I see blitz as a “no one even cares” gamemode. I muck around with trollbuilds all the time in it. And yes, you may call me toxic, but honestly, what’s the point in even trying. Talents are a mess, the gamemode shouldn’t even be ranked anyway, the idea is just have 5 minutes of laughs, not a serious game. I just can’t take people seriously if the’re gonna go tryhard in blitz. There’s no point.


Remember that 5 stars doesn’t have anything to do with how good someone is at a hero, you get the same amount of points for winning as losing. All it means is that they spam the hero nonstop, probably instalocking most of the time.


In the beginning I loved blitz because in public queue someone screws up and you lose the game because of them and everyone laughed. Without knowing each other. Nobody cared. It was just fun. Some talents and ranked later you got those moron Ardans and Idrises with their talents that don’t know what stutter step is yet they outdamage you with TB and TT somehow and spam surrender if you die. I honestly hate blitz players. I can’t understand how they don’t realize they aren’t actually doing anything but being pay to win players.

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blitz was fun when it was… fun mode: no ranks and no talents.

For me talents should have NO levels and they should be altering and not stats pumping like XX% free CP (or/and totally broken effect). That way a single hero can be 4 variants (no talent and each of them altering him in some way)… it’s better, but that way you won’t have the reason to buy glory packs or hunt coins - so it will never happens. Won’t be surprised if the original idea was something similar, but then they decided to monetise it hard.


Sorry but if you put a monkey in a room with a piano and give the monkey points and stars every time he clicks the piano keys , by the time he get the 5th star I expect to hear his own master piece not just a cover of other musicians .

Joking , well I know that , but I expected at least a try to do something , he was farming ?! , it’s an objective game mode and he was farming the whole game , is he even playing or farming points for the stars , I don’t know .

Ok that’s odd… Firstly, even if you’re just spamming to gain stars you may as well actually try to play, right? And secondly if he already had 5 stars is maxed isn’t it, so that doesn’t make sense…

Yeah I know it doesn’t make sense because he already maxed while I was typing that point , but I think it does make sense if he spammed non stop to the point he can’t do anything but farming hehehe , maybe he needs another spam to learn how to play the right way and it will take time .

Some people still don’t even get that blitz is focused on objectives and not farming. Some people still don’t get when to focus on objectives and not farm in any mode. It’s not just blitz that has this problem. People don’t even know how to play this game still, as long as it’s been out. I’m not talking about brand new players either.

The way to farm in blitz is to pick up the two jungle treants at the start of the game, and then just fight the rest of the match. If you do that and your opponents don’t, you’re a level higher than them to begin with and have an advantage in the first fight.

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I’m not saying you don’t farm at all in blitz. I was watching a video for Overwatch lately where the reviewer was saying people in lower tiers have a problem where they don’t stop fighting, meaning they don’t disengage when they should to slow the fight down, and therefore feed in fights.

I think the same concept applies here in Vainglory to a degree. What I mean is that some people just don’t stop doing their specific strat to adapt to the actual battle. If they think they should jungle, as long as an enemy isn’t attacking them, they don’t stop jungling. Or in lane, if they’re dying 2v1, they don’t retreat to save the loss of a point. I absolutely agree that you can grab a treant or two in jungle to gain an advantage, but I wouldn’t say there’s any correct strat. If all 3 enemies rush mid sentry, you don’t have time to jungle, for example.

A lot of people just don’t adapt to the battle in this game. They worry about doing their own thing, whether it works for the team or not, and that’s a problem in all modes.

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Disengage is something very important and I actually watched a lot of vg competitive games when 3v3 was the main game , disengage was something even pro players don’t take it seriously , but the best teams like tsm , they disengage the moment the enemy get a fight advantage that’s why they were strong , but it’s impossible to see this in the regular games as a soloq , like your team fight bad fights where it super clear enemy have the advantage .

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Agreed. I never understand what a teamate is trying to do when they sit in lane or bushes with a sliver of health instead of recalling while I hold them off, especially capts. And the worst is those people who are already weak but see a weakened enemy and try to dive onto them just to get the kill and die to them or to their turret in the process. Why not just wait on the kill and come back with a full health bar? It puzzles my mind.

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Finally hit 2000 it’s still isn’t that great but I got gud

I’ve become serious about Blitz ELO and one trick Idris legendary talent but next patch when hybrid nerfs hit I will complain.

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