Matchmaking Excellence ... Not

Seems fair … a Tier 10 and a Tier 6 against 3 completely new players. (I checked Idris on the Red team: he’s only played 66 matches ever, and his win rate is 42%.)


I have no ill intent but whats new? Matchmaking is and probably will stay garbage until they adjust it to the current game.

At this point, the moment I look at VGPro, Im not surprised that Im the the only t8 out of my whole team of noobs against a team of t7s :tanuki:

Again I stopped playing VG completely and Im back to focusing on my HI3 and Ragnarok along with a few others.

edit: Im not targeting you but to my fellow forumers on why post a unbalanced match when we all know its most likely going to be crappy.


edit again: This most definitely applies to the community as well

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