Matchmaking Broken, Game is Finished

First game this afternoon I search and get a draft game, jungle and capt have already been picked and 2 lanes including myself. So the last person on my team picks the lane but chooses Catherine. I’m like… OK maybe he’s a Savage. I know I myself have tested things like Alpha on lane and made it work.
So anyway, game starts and he sits in jungle or goes off fighting wherever.
So I think ok bad luck on my part, I search again. I mention what just happened last game as we are selecting heros. And the same thing happens again, some noob picks Catherine when we need a lane hero.
OK, so now I invite a friend to party. First game we enter 2 people pick jungle as role and another picks capt. So I guess my friend and I are supposed to do 3 lanes by ourselves? Naw, I didn’t pick hero and scratched that game.
We decide to try one more time. Someone is about to pi k fortress when yet AGAIN we need a lane hero, I try to type to him. He only knows Spanish.

So here I am now. I’m rank 5 gold, why am I being matched with these people? Is this game dead and they just throw you whoever they can?
Am I supposed to just kill my rank and play anyway and pi k my hero hoping for the best? Screw that. It’s not fair. I’ve actually put money in this game. I feel cheated.


That happens a lot in mid to low tier games. Me and my friend have had auto lock supports who have zero idea how to play the role they are suppose to play and it’s cost us a few games. Either that or people try something they see work once or twice and want to test themselves.

Let me get this out of the way though. If you don’t play the hero much don’t try anything off thier role yet. Though people won’t listen it truly gets annoying when someone A plays a hero they have no knowledge of so you’re already at a disadvantage. B tries to put that hero in a role they aren’t suppose to be in so it makes it even more one sided.

There are bigger issues with the matchmaking like 30 min queues and a hotness team getting paired up against vg silvers those can be fixed. This issue you’ll have to get a full party to get around.


Too bad with a full party if you keep expirencing long q times will be worse SEMC even recommends not having a full party

At most mine has been 7 mins with 3 people in 5v5 I have had a friend who waited around a hour but he’s vainglorious so I guess it balances out. I don’t mind as long queue as the match is balanced, I hate a timer that stops and puts me in a match that I get stomped or stomp the enemy team all cause it feels bad ai waited too long. I look for fair fights most of the time, one sided can get boring or tilting. I remember when the rank queue would stop at 2:57 and you would get paired up against anyone in queue.

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At 10 minutes unless it is a great hard fought game win or lose I quit the game the rest of the day

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Not even a Savage can make Cath work well in lane, unless he going against an absolute horrible laner.

I always factor out off meta picks out of my strategy for that game. Once an a while someone surprises me. For instance I played with a wp Cath, and our Baptise rage quit the game. Then we 4v5’d the rest of the game, and 3v5’d the final push to win. Haha, I ended up getting my first Quatra, even took a clip of it.

Nevertheless, 9/10 off meta players are horrible noobs.

At t5 gold you are a very low ranked player and you are seeing that quality of player around you.

Cath and Ardan are both great top laners at the moment - a large part of me getting to VG was countering the top laner by playing one of them.

Pssst… I’m going to save you some time, and a headache of absolutely epic proportions: Don’t even try. Just don’t. It’s the only way to win, as broken-record-mode is already engaged on the other end.

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You’re tier 5, there lies the answer to your question… low skill players make bad choices hence thier low skill tier level.

If you want to play with more competent individuals I’m afraid you’ll have to hard carry your way out of this skill tier. Can I suggest you auto lock in jungle and abuse the crap out of the meta hero’s? No other position has such an impact on the eventual result so if your a component player you should rise fast.

For instance I was tier 4 on launch (thanks SEMC), but I’m now sitting in POA silver for 5v5 having hard carried through low tiers (20+ kills etc). If you can’t hard carry the games at this level the chances are your not as good as you think and have some major flaws in your play.

Your 5v5 rank showed hotness silver yesterday…

That site shows 3v3 rank not my in game 5v5 rank… not it is capable of managing 5v5 rank status yet. Don’t believe me? Check out my rank score in between wins, it doesn’t change.

You saying your 3v3 and 5v5 rank are the same in game? Check it out, I bet they are different from the one showing on VGPro.

Ps - I need to grind some 3v3 lol

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All I can recommend is for the moment at least is to stick to 3v3 ranked. In 5v5, I’ve had games with 3 captains, or 4 CP carries and no WP. I don’t even want to try it anymore. Just play 3v3.

"I’ve actually put money in this game. I feel cheated."
wut. wheres this coming from lmao. If money starts giving good teammates, everyone would spend money lol.

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I’d say you should be devoting your time to 5v5… the reason your experiencing this is because you’ve not put in the hours, your matching with low skill scrubs.

I find the majority of my 5v5 games to be less toxic in terms of team compositions. People are far more willing to roam as the roams impact is far more meaningful. And four carries means the majority of people get to play there preferred position.

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You dont mind waiting for 1h to play maybe 1 ranked match on a mobile game? This while you can’t use your phone and have a life to live? I constantly wait for 7-8m and more for t7 match in EU. Just sitting there, watching the f timer going up… this is wasted time and battery life even as VG drains a lot even at the menu.

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