Matchmaker is garbage for ranked

I can’t handle this shit.

I am perfectly okay with losing a fight when my enemy is better and their alpha is a really good player whom I had to face twice in a row.

This match was garbage because my allies were complete rookies who had no idea what they were doing. They don’t even have draft unlocked for the both of them. Meanwhile my enemy rank is way better.
Enemy team had a rank last season my team had nothing…

This was not an okay match!

I am not going to flame my allies specifically but they were new like storebought shoes the first time you put them on new…

Constantly doing 2 man invades deep into the enemy jungle without result and not learning anything nor communicate what they want…


Why you playing 3v3 rank when 5v5s out tho?


Because 5v5 is an even bigger joke.

You get t1 allies vs poa no thx…


5v5 gets a little dull, lot of trolling and mismatches going on; I appear to be matching with VG noobs / trolls who delete in throwing matches. Makes no sense to me given their tiers.


I also get decent matches in 3v3 but the problem are those bad duo ques… Like the one in my OP

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2 man invades… sounds like you abandoned them. JK, look at that Lance kda, but try taking it from their perspective. BUT WHY DON’T YOU PARTY UP??? I NEVER EVER SOLOQ EVEN IF I HAVE TO WAIT, AND WAIT, AND WAIT!

Because I play at very strange hours…

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Because you’ve probably got real life friends that play in game.

Only takes one person to troll to ruin a match. Saturdays seem to be worse than any other day, all the kids and hung over tennagers trolling matches for :rofl:


Saturdays do seem bad, same with Sunday nights… Last call before school… Ugh

I always get paired against Tezzaboy, Quatervois and co. But with tier 4 and tier 5 guys.
IDK why SEMC wants me to quit VG.

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A krul losing out to an alpha is sad indeed…

Your build could have been better though… Eve is not great on cp adagio and with you being the main carry aegis > cruc.

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Crucible boosts my healing aegis does not. Eve not the best choice true but the game was lost from the get go. They were unskilled AF and enemy was skilled.

Aegis does not boost is AS MUCH. Still boosts cause u get more max health from the reflex part of Aegis

The difference is huge though… Aegis doesn’t improve on reflex block so it doesn’t add in my book. Crucible adds up over RB

As the main carry being more tanky is more important then boosting heals by a slight bit. Especially when a 4 cp item ringo will mow you down if he even touches you with no shield.

Did you even see the stats? Ringo was a non issue and the least skilled player.

That is the sole reason that I Probably won’t do much ranked 5v5

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