Matchmaker fail... :(

For the most part, my matchmaker experience in Ranked 5v5 is okay. But sometimes?



Full party vs full party?

Just had some vainglorious silver bitching on everyone how bad they were without having fullmap awareness himself.

Fun times.

But yeah matchmaker is loose…

Yeah it was full party v full party. The queue timer was faster than usual too. I thought these kinds of matches only occur when the timer is 5 mins+.

Full party vs full party=equal. It barely looks at ranks because all parties have boosted MMR

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If your playing full party you’re going to get some funky matches I’m afraid…

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More like it doesn’t look at the ELO at all… such a fail. You can’t call it equal between vg party and t4 party (or t5 party with one vg player vs vg silvers party and so on). Even at soloq we have fast found matches that are vg silvers vs poa haha in ranked, or party vs soloq. Absurd and I am sure the main reason to blame is that the player base is just too small for all the game modes. :confused:

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Like, I’m not really surprised that a full pt queue is messed up. I’m more so baffled that it took so little time (than usual) to find a match- and this is what it came up with.

Most likely the other party was waiting for too long? Or it’s just f up and no excuses ahhaa. Actually there is no excuse for that state, if you are a developer you should think about how many player you got and be pessimistic about projections for a future new players to make sure the game modes number is suitable to that. Not to trow XXX game modes and variations when your full player base is barely enough for good 5vs5 ranked only experience. Only after you have more players than enough for the game and modes, you trow another one into the mix…

… not to expect that 5vs5 will bring x10 times the player base of the game, this is not realistic to expect as it was shown. Controversial golden tickets, rushing the game mode when not ready, no unique ideas, heroes/items/etc designed for 3vs3 thrown into 5vs5 without redesign… just to name a few. Also competing with games that started 5vs5, designed for the mode from the start, players invested a lot of time and money in them, are not that bad for someone that leave the real moba experience for his PC at home and want fast similar one on the go. Just won’t happen and as a bonus SEMC killed it’s e-sport while others as AOV are starting to ramp up there, even stoled one of the best commentators in VG. :confused:

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Ouch, those poor kiddos… That’s rough.