Matchmaker at it again

We won this one through suiciding on their vain repeatedly.

Second game in a row vs VG silver duo que with stats like that…


Hey, I’ve moved this out of the 5v5 subcategory… let’s try to keep that space for actual discussion of gameplay. If the point of the thread is just “matchmaker is weird” then I think the thread belongs somewhere else.

Average elo difference is less than 5%.
Matchmaker working as intended :tm:

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Yeah, that SEMC logic is pretty f up, then again - it’s only like that because there are not enough players.

If that’s the case then it’s “intention” needs to be reviewed.

Out of interest is this a casual match and what time of day did you play? I find 5v5 MM doesn’t work well till 8pm onwards.

I think not finding any match at all is worse for the game.

Let’s agree to disagree, I’d rather spend longer in MM than suffer ridiculous snowballs which last 15 minutes. It’s not enjoyable for anyone, not much challenge in my facing a CT tier player and vice versus.

Ranked at 11:30. (Morning)
Who complains about casual? It is casual lmao.

Note that we won through sheer determination. Enemy team even had an afk and we had scores like that in a 5v4…

I’ve seen plenty bitching about tier 4 casual matches, always makes me chuckle.

Actually found MM to be better lately, then again I only play 5v5 after 8/9 o’clock now, at any other time it’s a noxious toxic hell hole of kids.

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