Masters in Legends of Runeterra

Finally popped my Master’s cherry in LoR [EU], had an urge to share here as well :slight_smile:


I stopped playing runeterra due to just having too much to play but hows the game? Has it gotten better?

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Did you stop during beta? It sure is a much better game than before with it’s second expansion set to release next patch i.e. Aug 26. Devs have added new modes like Gauntlet (weekly rotation) and Labs (similar to HS’s Tavern Brawl but more crazy).

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Played it a little not that long ago, but tbh as magic the gathering veteran - nothing triggers me like MTG. If I need to compare runeterra to something, I would compare it with heartstone. It’s not that original as a core gameplay while still having good spice ups and tbh not exactly my cup of tea, tho UI/visuals/SFX/stuff to unlock for free it’s decent + theme wise for those really into LOL.

I started on the first expansion and made it my goal to make a Fiora deck. After I successfully did that, I kinda got bored with the game :cold_sweat:

Yeeaaa… The thing that got me into Runeterra was exactly that and since its more simplified compared to MTG.

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Yeah, MTG can get quite… tricky. :laughing: