Malene Overdrive?

Need Halp

Back when Malene was released (When i played her the most) the standard overdrive was A and C.

But due to her C nerfs and cooldown increased, ive seen some pros overdrive their A and B instead.

I mean i can see why the difference between the B and C overdrive

• B Overdrive: More utility/escapes and higher shield and lower cooldown.

• C Overdrive: Lowers cooldown and allows more basic attack combos.

But which is overall better? My build is AS SF BM CW.

Damage or more options in battle. Or is it an evenly balanced choice and its all preference…

Without C extra cd you will not have your combo available that combo is your offense and your defense…

Get a clock work to mitigate the cool down misery.

AS CW DE BM would be my build of choice.

If the enemy team is full of tricky divers you might want to overdrive B over C for safety but that doesn’t seem like a good standard choice.