Malene lore (speculation not real)

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uuuh in the malene hype im going to have a guess as to what will happen next in the malene lore.if i get it right hire me as sugarvenoms apprentice, semc

here is the link to the end of her official lore so far. we see her going off to get dragons with, or without blackfeather and phinn, and newly reunited with her magic, or her shadow. Blackfeather trails after her for her moxie and phinn trails after blackfeather because hes a nice guy.

“I will have a dragon!” she announced. “I will have a dragon in every color! And I will be Queen of the Eventides, and we will live happily ever after, and that is final!”

so off our princess goes to get a dragon. there are only 3 living dragons currently in the Vainglory world (or at least confirmed (tony’s dragon don’t count D:<))

so the question we have to ask is:

Will Malene…

a. find and recruit skaarf?
b. travel to the sovereigns rise where 2 dragons are waiting and the stormqueen is close by to overthrow?
c. aquire a dragon by other means?

if going down the first path, there isn’t much to tell. she will find skaarf, become frineds and go off to destroy the stormqueen along with half of the hero roster.

now going down the second is a bit weird. Blackclaw belongs to the queen and alhtough not chained down i don’t know how they will get her to beat the queen (unless in a match and malene jsut goes to the sovereigns rise and thats the end of the story) im pretty sure ghostwing is a churndragon. so uncontrollable and working simply to destroy.

the third path, aquiring a new dragon, is the one that interests me most. currently we know of 2 places with dragons eggs.

  1. the sovereigns rise (ghostwing is a mother as seen in tony’s lore)

  2. Dragon fall

dragon fall is more interesting so we are going to go there instead

hey nice to see you, we arrived.

Dragons Fall is where the dragons left their eggs after the battle with the seraphims. it is guarded by lorelai, the delightful naga who is fine with giving them away for an orange. adagio comes here every 1000 years to hatch a dragon taht will grow up to destroy most of humanity, ressetting the cycle of the world. skaarf is the dragon destined to do this in this cycle of the world. the stormqueen learnt of this so perhaps adagios visits have become legend, since she knew the song and to bring oranges.

so lets assume malene was educated in folklore or perhaps phinn and they go to dragon fall. then they need the song to summon lorelai. I can’t imagine the stormqueen singing so how did she know the song?
i believe this to be the answer:
the song is none other than birdsong.

living creatures are blessed with adaption. perhaps adagio knew the song or maybe he used a bird too, but lorelai, living under the sea, would never of heard a bird before. and perhaps many birds frequent the area so it would have to be a very rare type of bird. luckily the trio already have that. i believe that Susie, the rare Coocoo D’Etat is the key to summoning lorelai. The stormqueen could of had one of these birds as well, being a queen and having the money to get a rare creature.

an oraneg would be easy to aquire. phinn may already have one or maybe their bushes grow around Dragon Fall. if they do and malene gets scrathed im sure adagio would of shed some feathers somewhere.

so they aquire eggs, and malene gets what she wants: dragons of every colour. she then goes off to find the big bad stormqueen and may or may not succed in defeating her, or getting blackfeather to marry her.

so, yeah, this is what i think could happen. share your thoughts, opinions about mine or come up with your own theories. sorry that im not very good at explaining but hopefully you understood what i meant.


Malene/Bf/Phinn lore part seven

Tony vs Malene: The battle for Princess Pinkerton

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Can we get a new hero in this that kidnaps her during the fight so we have a part 8

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I am putting my money down on Malene.

She seems like one not to be messed with. Haha