Mageon: the Great bird

Name: Mageon (majestic+pigeon uwu)

Species: Greatbird

Gender: male

Perk: Bird’s Roost
After not moving for 1.5 seconds, Mageon builds a nest. this gives him fortified health and bonus attack range and bonus attack speed. also reduces energy cost. he can walk within the nest but after leaving it for 2 seconds it goes away.

A ability: Birds Eye
Mageon shoots a feather which marks an enemy it hits. Mageon can now attack this enemy from whereever he is on the map. does not reveal them. lasts a long time. long rnage

B ability: Split feather
Shoot 3 feathers in a direction in a fan shape and when they hit an enemy 3 more fethers shoot out from behind that enemy. slows everyone it touches

Ult: Bird Poo
Mageon flies up and does a big poo. this marks all people he touches with a feather. it slows in the area. passively he increase sbasic attack speed and vision range.

this guys i attack range oriented sorry for typo’s my keyboard has changed sizes and hec it’s annoying. uuuh have fun and wear sunscreen


The feather thing should probably be included in the heroic perk. This nest thing isn’t clear enough: Forified health per second while in it?(too OP) or fortified health when it is build and doesn’t decay until leaves nest? Reduces energy cost or abilities? All this and boosted attack speed and range seems a little too good.(Only a little boost? Scaling?) The A ability is ridiculous. It lasts a long time and can shoot from anywhere. Long range and time = can hit from a distance, go back to base and use wp to kill. too OP. I really like the B idea, where it shoots out feathers from the enemy it hit. Also, what part of the B slows: the first feather, the one that shoots out, or both? The ult appears to use this feather thing again, which apears super broken. It seems like this guy gets a ton of attack speed as well as crazy range. How far does the ult go, is it a skill shot? Or does he fly over spot you click or just flies upward and comes back down?

I feel like this hero would be way too unbalanced. Great for semc to release on then rework abilities after first week.(lol)

the feather doesn’t provide vision, so he needs flares or scouttraps or they need to be in their sight ranbge of them or their allies, so ididn’t really think it was op. for the range i thought maybe varya’s overdriven spear? and i thought maybe a 3-5 second duration scaling with wp or something. and the perk gives all that stuff because you have a place you need to stay in, which makes him immobile so i increased his range, and makes stutter stepping dificult, which is why the attack speed is increased. also he is a wp carry so small enrgy decreasements in case he goes cp. maybe you are right and the fortified health is op… also i shoudl probably make it you can’t move out and bakc in which means you can’t stutterstep thus the need for more attack speed.

oh and the first bit of the b slows.

and the ult… really i designed this hero a few years ago but i forgot what his ult was and rushed this bit. it was going to be like varya’s ult but then varya came out and hec. uwu

Oh so they have to be in vision range to hit. (I got confused) Is the A ability still supposed to have huge range though?

What I suggest is he gets x(Goes up as level goes up) fortified health when the nest is made(So the fortified health can run out) and the fortified health disappears when he leaves the nest.(Or slowly fades out like with Reim) Also, it is very easy to accidentally move to maybe the nest has a radius of 2? I like the additional attack range, it goes with the hero’s idea. I think the boosted attack speed would to too good early game, so I would say a very small boost on it. (Or not have it if the radius of the nest is 2)

Maybe for the B it shoots some feathers in front too? That would be fun. I’m not sure on what you wanted the range of this too be, but it does look like a skill shot. The larger the range the harder it would be to hit someone so seems reasonable. (For a slow ability)

And the Ult could use some work. (Like more details)
I’m starting to like this hero