Made 2 accounts with the same email

I made an account about 5 years ago. Now I try to login the account, but I accidentally signed up instead of logging in. The thing is, I used the same email tht made the new account and I didn’t get any error messages. I have evidence that I used the same email as I sent an email to support 4 years ago, and it had my IGN and email with it. I am certain it is the same email.

I can’t get back my old account anymore, every time I try to log in with that email its only the new account.

That seems like something their support team should be able to fix. Did you submit a request via the support portal?

I’d also attach a screenshot of your old email, as it might help satisfy them that you own the original account.

Also, welcome to the forum! :opaf:

Thanks! I am waiting for their reply now


Well, they said the username and email on support page doesn’t ‘always’ match with the game. :confused:

Looks like i’m not getting my account back

Wow, that kind of sucks. @HipsterSkaarf – do you know anyone in support any more? Silje used to be pretty helpful back in the day, but she’s long gone now. I don’t know who’s running their support team these days.

I remember once I had a problem with the Game Center there is games connected to it and I tried contacting Apple , but because the Apple ID created by my brother I contacted him and told him to make sure that’s the Apple ID is correct , then he remembered that he had two emails very close to each other , like the difference between them is same numbers different placement.

It could be your case , you made different emails with small difference that made you think you had one email , because as you said you were able to make a new account with the same email and that’s a sign of wrong email , or vainglory deleted your account for some reason .

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Yea, but I only use one email which is my full name and no numbers. Im sure I didnt get the email wrong. Unless the email associated to my account changed?

Vainglory making a chaos because of the no confirmation email , I could make an account with a fake email , a lot of smurfs made by a fake email , if you forget the password your account is gone because the email is fake , I remember in the old forum people wanted to change their account emails .

So the problem here is you could made a mistake with your email and registered anyway , do you remember yourself logging in and out and typing the email or it was always logged in , or the email there saved you just type the password.


SEMC’s approach to account security has always been cavalier, unfortunately. That’s not too far out of the norm for gaming companies – also unfortunately – though there are notable exceptions such as Blizzard and CCP (EVE Online) that permit (and encourage) the use of authenticator apps/devices to secure player accounts.