Lyra top lane

Okay before I get flamed just hear me out…

I recently encountered a guy who played lyra jungle, I wasn’t happy at the start but he was a very competent player and had an interesting play style.

BUILD (in order of finish)

Start with stormguard banner for clear and health buff then i this order


Now what interest be about the build is he massively abused SF, Lyra B has a huge AEO effect enabling him to not only hit them for the initial DMG but also apply mortal wounds and proc SF passive. I’ve checked him out and they always does 70-90k worth of DMG in game (that’s a shot tonne from top lane where he mostly plays). He is very aggressive with his B putting himself into the middle of team fights and booting or Ult’ing out if needed.

What’s also useful is the huge amount of sustain she has in built enabling her to stall top lane if needed with just storm guard banner. Her A and B also have huge AEO effects for lane clear meaning you can drop a B with SF and pretty much clear the lane.

Thoughts? I’m going to try it over the weekend, and build improvements people might recommend? Totes with using CW over SC for the cooldown reductions.


I have been murdered by several Lyra top laners so I concur she is strong.

@MobileLegendPlayer uses/abuses her a lot too.

She doesn’t lose utility when going full damage.

Back on the old forums I predicted we would see multiple captains as carries to bring the utility of captains and their sustainability into the game without sacrificing team damage.

WP Grace/WP Lance
CP Adagio/CP Lyra

And several other heroes are very viable. They enrich their teams with captain utility and carry damage.


Yeah I know Adagio is considered strong in the top lane, actually feel lyra might be stronger… mainly because the SF proc has such a huge area of effect can negate a lot of those sustain hero’s etc…

I saw a captain Adagio take midlane versus my celeste yesterday.

He opened up with SGB and was a nuisance all game… When his allies came to gank for him the captain was already there. He was very tanky and could not be ganked because he was outhealing most damage!

One time I was CP Lyra top lane against a SAW. I started with 2 bits and CP buff, literally 1 shotted that SAW who ate the whole duration of my sigil as I caught him activating B.
My build is the standard AC DE BM SF Chargers and Aegis. Once she gets AC she’s gonna destroy people with her poke and slow


How do you maintain energy when basic attacking costs you that much?

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I build her AC,DE,SF, and BM or CW then HC and one support items like crucible shes like a second support with insane damage and moderate healing

You just need a battery and Chargers later on. Don’t use ur heavy attack when farming

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play it mid it’s better (30 characters)

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1 thing is she gets rekt against Celeste in mid

Do ou ever build SC, this guy has some crazy win rate at tier 9 with lyra (70%).

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Was planning to abuse the SF, hadn’t thought about jus how strong her B can be in team fights

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she doesn’t she outrange her with her sigil just use basic attacks to farm only

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