Lyra 'Sun&Moon' Spellbook

It’s part of my school assignment that we have to create magical objects. So I decide to do Lyra’s inspired but in Sun&Moon version. Rendered version will be done next so I will update the thread next week too.

My next assignment will be Lyra’s Sun&Moon Portrait and of cus in her in official costume and splash art.

any feed back would nice too

As promised, my teacher allowed me to go ahead with this art direction for the Book.

Not yet finished… but Next week is the submission so I update the thread again by then along with the unofficial short lore.


Love it already!!! :star_struck:

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Thanks hehe. Look forward to next week


Update 3

Not yet finish. I am left with few more adjustment and lighting


It’s looking awesome! What hardware & software are you using, if I may ask?

Macbook 2013, it’s super old but I got my ram changed few years back so It good and fast now and photoshop

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Update 4!

Almost close to my final design.


Alright guys! Today is the submission and this is final artwork of ‘All seeing eye ‘Sun & Moon’’ Book



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Two of the spells use where based on lyra’s book while the other 2 was my own!

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