Lyra is amazing this update

Same cooldown. Continues to AA even runs out of energy.
High AA damage goes up to 400+, 2nd attack. First attack is 200+. Her A is nerf but still does the work.

She no longer slows in 2nd missle but damn… her AA makes her incrediblely threatening… and she stops Inara dashes too… if i am not wrong.

As we all expected. I’ve played all BR so far so I can try and avoid her.

You lost the slow prepare to lose the damage in upcoming nerfs… Leaving her with nothing on her perk…

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If they are gonna nerf her… they better buff her in other areas to make up for it…

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Unless its reim they dont usually do that.

They will repeat the Blackfeather treatment…
Say bye to parts of your kit…


They were so much cruel with BF

Let’s hope not…

Will literally burn semc

I Hope so, this way if they do It with more heroes people Will start complaining and force them to stop deleting kits.

She does stop Inara’s dashes, but most Lyra’s are popping their bulwark early. Inara runs stupid fast, so she tends to get very close before dashing, and uses it more to get a good angle than to close a gap. Lyra tends to either teleport to you and use the shield to surround you (but Inara’s kick doesn’t send her very far anyway), or she pops the bulwark defensively as soon as Inara comes out of the jungle.

Inara’s more likely to kick you out than to dash past. (It’s funny kicking Ardad out of his gauntlet)