Lvl cap raised


I wasn’t asking about your personal preference; my question was about your comparison. Not simply your thoughts, but how do VG’s joysticks compare to joysticks in other games. Because you called them subpar copies. And you used that as the base for a larger point to say that SEMC copies things poorly in general, when you didn’t even prove your assertion that the joysticks are bad. FWIW: It’s not my burden to prove they’re not bad, since you made the claim, but here’s a forum thread saying they’re on par or better than in other games (while taking time to get used to for players weaned on touch controls): Joystick impressions, 3.3. And most ‘new player from [insert other MOBA here]’ posts report the same thing, if they mention the controls at all.

I’m going to say this too - I’ve noticed you doing this a lot around the community recently. You misinterpreted Caine’s character model and moaned in the official server about him only having one arm, then complained about SEMC lacking design originality, where VG gunners are copies of themselves (‘Ringo has 1 arm, Caine has 1 arm, VG sucks’), and even used it as a segue into criticizing the poor quality of lore that doesn’t even exist for this hero. If you want to criticize the game or company, that’s fine - there’s plenty to criticize, but keep it fair, dude.


If the level 40 chest doesn’t have 1000 ice anymore the ndxt update i am gonna be really upset.


No i meant joystick controls were literally bugged, as in they did not work properly. In any mobile game i’ve played, the joysticks actually worked.

As for Caine, you’re right, there is no lore. Is there any justifiable reason to why he only uses one arm and other lifelessly flops around? Surely no lore-based reasons. I compared him to ringo because it looks like the model was lazily reused. If it isn’t, then why make a new model so similar?


What are you talking about? Which Ringo model are you referring to?


:cowboy_hat_face:Yee Yee, there you go @hazeleyes



That definitely might change lol. I dont think they’ll give new rewards out of nowhere. They might be like 100 ice per 2 levels and 1k at 50 or something.


It’s not for this thread but I honestly can’t be bothered going back to the Caine thread to find your comment on his arm. But he shoots his gun with one hand, he doesn’t have to hold it for extra support so his other hand is just beside him, I don’t find that odd as others have. For you, what should he be doing with his other arm if it’s not needed to shoot his gun?(at least in his standard aa animation, he does use it in the 3 burst and in the ult he braces it)


Ringo doesn’t have one arm, so he holds it with his other. Gwen has a shotgun, so she uses one hand. (Does fancy tricks with it too.) SAW uses both hands for his machine gun. There isn’t a single hero in vg what holds a gun with one hand “just because.”

So tell me, what’s so natural about having one arm basically paralyzed? Even ignoring the fact one arm makes your aim highly inaccurate in real life, it’s reall awkward of an animation.


If ringo had his other arm still he’d be duel wielding revolvers, and he is quite a sharpshooter. He’d have a gun in each arm and would be quite accurate, so it’s not so far fetched for in the world of vg for Caine to use a gun one handed and be accurate too.

Using a gun in one hand isn’t unheard of especially in games, look at red dead redemption taking out a pistol standing just like Caine.
With Caine having a Wild West looking skin I’d honestly say the comparison could’ve been something they(devs) did too with how various Wild West media is; a gunner using a revolver in one hand and being a decent aim and fanning the gun at times too while his other arm just dangles there beside him.

So again, having his hand at his side while he uses his revolver isn’t odd to me, so I ask you what should he be doing with his other arm then if he doesn’t need it to support/use his gun while he shoots?


An update. My level 29 golden chest:

My level 30 special/purple chest:

All talents. I imagine level 30 prior was much more rewarding. My level 31 ‘normal’ chest was 1000 glory.

I’m quite sad with levels 29 and 30, and I am a player who doesn’t mind/plays blitz often.


I think there is goals behind this , other than selling something replace the battle pass like the boost , they are trying hard to promote talents so I think classic blitz canceled , if they made all chests glory and talents it means people going to get more epic and legendary talents than before , the value of blitz coins is dropping by doing that , I guess they doing that to make people try talents more and upgrade to dry out the glory from the accounts.

I think it’s a very random attempt and like one of the glass door reviews they are trying and seeing what sticks on the wall .


Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear that they don’t have a master plan at this point.