Luckier than you?

Today I got the School Days Lyra blueprint(2nd blueprint ever, don’t like this skin though.)

AND a Carnivore Grumpjaw blueprint(3rd blueprint ever)

Did they up the drop rate or did I just get lucky?

Edit: They were quest chests.
Also my luck is usually very bad lol


Who knows with SEMC they are hush hush operation


From which chest(s)? I got an Epic from a free chest the other day and one a few weeks before that so I consider myself pretty miserable.

Idk i never seen any animation showing i got a blueprint and i sure did not have any card for those in 1.11, but one day I checked my skins and saw I have a few of blueprints(SAW T3, adagio R, SE, skye t1, etc)

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I’ve got duplicate shogun master (cringe name) ringo from geen yellow chest and it my first legend blueprint i got

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got rare school days samuel from same chest today lolol kms

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Don’t forget, when they first introduced blueprints, they said the skins that you already had most of the cards for would be given as a free blueprint with the update.

to date: I’ve got 5 skins, all rare duplicates, so I’m going to put that under no blueprint, even tho technically i did get some. :confused:

More like you got some essence

I got Legendary Taka Blueprint (aka White ghost Taka) from a daily chest

I’ve only gotten 1 blueprint not including the BR event which I got Elite Force SAW.

that you’ll still need 5000 essence to craft? the old card system, you just get gifted the skin, as rare as they were, there was no next step needed.

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“I certainly dont have any cards for those in 1.11”

I got like 8 blueprints so far that were not dupes…

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I’ve got 2 non dupes today (I have over 100 skins) after a very long time of no bps at all.

And you should, too. :blush: :blush: :blush:

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They should add the golden border to blueprints and have the “Blueprint Unlocked!!!” text similar to hero and skin. I’ve gotten 5 skins since the update without noticing, now I make it a habit to check my skin sections around once a week lol.