LPQ GG thx

So, EU servers went to shit again. And half of the time I try to play a match, one of the following happens:

  • hero select does not load
  • match does not load
  • server disconnects me (sometimes multiple times a match)

Now, on top of dealing with this, the server bugs earned me 4x 8 minutes LPQ.

But because other people get the same thing, matches do not even start, and I have to go through LPQ again and again.

So, dear SEMC, could you kindly fix your shit, before I lose my will to try? Thank you so much!


Alright. There’s a nifty topic on Vainglory’s netcode over here. Someone at SEMC should probably read it.

After being put into LPQ for the second time in two days, through no fault of my own, I’m done with VG. Sorry, my time is too precious to waste 40 minutes, just because you release buggy code. My time is also too precious to write mails to support on a daily basis.

The funniest part is: Never once have I been caught for actually abandoning a match or dodging. Circumventing AFK-detection is so easy that it hurts.
What can’t be worked around, though, is this cluster-fuck of code rendering the game unplayable.

So that’s it from me. Send me a mail when you fixed your shit.