Low to mid tier builds. 3v3 and 5v5 Tips for newbies


Alright this thread is about low to mid tier hero builds. Mainly to help tier four solo queuing people like me to get out of tier four.

Some heroes I find that people can not use in my tier are krul and just about any captain hero. Now that I think about it, most jungelers arent played well in tier four (this is off the top of my head). But anyways, here is one build for us noobs.

Krul: Alrighr I see a lot of assassin and glass cannon kruls. As appealing as it may sound to have insane life steal, it’s just bad. So here is my favorite krul build in detail.
Alright so beginning of the game get a swift shooter and boots. Yes you heard me, boots. Boots will help you stick to the opponents jungler early stage. Don’t be afraid to engage the enemy at the beginning because you are the king of duels. Just get your captain to back you up.
After you have farmed and mining has begun, get a blazing salve and a dragon heart. Then upgrade to shiversteal for first tier 3 item. Shiver steal gives you extra health, attack speed and just helps you gank the lane. Feel free to constantly steal enemy jungle camps with your captain. Get another blazing salvo, light armor or shield, and a reflex block. Build towards a breaking point. After your breaking point build a slumbering husk and Crucible. The crucible both benefits you, and your team. Also, krul can recover pretty well from burst damage if you have good defense, so no need to get an aegis. During the time when you build breaking point, crucible, and slumbering husk you should have at least travel boots. Upgrade them into journey boots. The last item is situational. Word of advise, for this situational item, make sure your team benefits from it and not just you. Instead of a tornado trigger or sorrowblade instead maybe get a bonesaw if your wp carry doesnt have armor piercing. Or you can get a fountain of renewal if the Carries on your team have trouble staying alive.

Save your ultimate. Let’s say you are engaging an enemy hero in a team fight and your carry is being attacked. Use your ultimate yo protect that carry and engage whoever is attacking them, chances are you kill that person while saving your carry. Much better trade off than getting a kill and your carry dying.
You can also use your ultimate to protect your captain from stuns when they are using their ultimate. (Adagio, Ardan, and Catherine especially) That extra crowd control is much better than stunning the enemy carry. Also, the reverse works well. Stunning the enemy captain when they try to use their ultimate is beneficial to your team. Finally, stay away from whoever has pauldron. Infact, use your reflex block for it. Helps you get the kill and keep you alive.

That’s all there is for this build. Do share builds so we can learn and get better. Spread the knowledge.