Low tier innovation is astounding

Not gonna bash this player since they were clearly brand new, but this build legit made me laugh when I pulled up the score board. What do you guys rate this CP Vox build? Very innovative. @DIMTI

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Well … it’s a build, all right.


I mean… It might work lol… Except the tank item, like wtf

As a low-tier player myself, let me break down the logic behind this build:

Please note that all item names may be ignored or incorrect as they are unnecessary.

  • Rook: A chess piece that can move anywhere on the board in the four cardinal directions = Power, also, a tower. Towers are known to hold Princesses, as well as Havel the Rock.

  • Heart: his teammates will love him.

  • Spellfire: It’s a necklace which suits his nu-goth phase, note the blood-colored gemstone.

  • Alternating Current: Has a history in mechanics, i.e. replacing the spark plug in his 50cc scooter.

  • Tension bow: Crossbow, cooler than a normal bow, less expensive than a machine gun.

I hope this sheds some light.


I was betting he was aiming for diversity of color: all red or all blue items is really quite unattractive in the inventory screen. My criticism is that he’s duplicated the blue item unnecessarily, and he really should have built a gold item instead.

I’ll show myself out. I’m off to get a …


He probably got Tb to go wp. Then changed his mind to go Cp, then realised that the only increase attack speed item was AC, and then got confused about which mortal wound item to go for. All the while thinking those new tank items look cool. Also checked out boots while shopping, went “pffft, only gives a 0.3 or 0.5 boost? Not worth it” lol

i see people building vox wrong all the time like frostburn spellfire a lot of high tier players have no idea that vox doesnt apply mortal wounds or slow from these items just the ult so its a waste of gold .

and you get people who build AC and AS on him like why !
and the dumb thing was a guy building AC AS and breaking point , like why , no damage