Loving draft... But makes me realize how far I have to go

The new draft mode is amazing! It makes sense, and I can see how folks could really use it to their advantage in prepping for a match. Wasn’t sure what I’d think about the chat feature, and I think it’s going to work really, really well. I love that it posts ban suggestions and the such.

On another note, I totally forgot that everyone was gonna be pretty much zeroed out. … Lol. I thought I had been getting better and then have been absolutely destroyed… Looked at VGpro… and things made sense again. Lol. Humbling growing pains. I was hoping to start working out of elo hell… Oh well… More practice and time to learn from the big dawgs.

How do you all like the new draft system?

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That a ban after first picks is the way to go. Sure the double ban is a bit more diverse than single ban, but a ban after first picks could open up so many more drafting options that 2 immediate bans cannot provide


there might be more bans as well in the future, but for now its fine.
the chat is nice, but i cant see what some people write, i only get ??? ??? ???

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I like the chat. It needs to be IN GAME all game. So I can draw ascii art boobs and quality content to let people know how I feel.

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