Losing in a Bot Match

People complain that bot matches are too easy, but in actuality, they completely simulate what it’s like in a real 5v5 match. Complete unawareness of the map and enemy positions, especially when all of your turrets were destroyed because your carries are crap.
Edit: As per @Xaldarian’s request, I was playing with Very Hard bots.

Go ahead, laugh at me. I’ve already lost what’s left of my dignity when I lost this game.


This is one of the most painful things I have seen regarding VG in a long time.

My condolances.

(And no, I am not being sarcastic or anything. This hurts to see.)


Very hard bots can be quite decent.
I saw a medium celeste reflex block any cc I threw at her perfectly better than most SA Golds. She had a decent build and chained BCA and killed me.

This does not surprise ne.

Add the bot difficulty to the OP.

Bots are better than most t4…


It’s not about you it’s about your ally bots. I got focused by 5 heroes and they just left me to die while they were close and didn’t even pop the Fountain


I lost a bot match cause the enemy joule solo’d Kraken and I was the only person on my team :smiley: I was gonna win otherwise most likely


I mean, if the bots on both the team play equally well, you probably won’t ever lose, but ofc that doesn’t happen.


Bots are too OP pls nerf em smec


See, the strength with Bots lies in the fact that they are literally Bots. They do not miss their skillshots, unless it’s a prediction shot ofc. They don’t fail to block CC, and most importantly, they do not have fear. Bots can, and will, push turrets at every opportunity, for they do not have any fear of being killed. That’s where their strengths lie.


They have great decision making for taking objectives yes. Their builds are always okay. Their reflexes and aiming are suberb.

The only thing they lack is kiting skills.


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