Losing a game by half a second because a disconnect

Playing ranked 5v5. Game was okay, team was feeding enemy Idris, but our Vox and I were pretty fed as well. Really good game, we had a guaranteed win. A phone call comes in. I don’t pick it up. We’re in a teamfight, and winning, until a f****** screen popped up telling me its “useful” information about the phone call I missed.
So of course I find myself dead and the enemy at our crystal, while our Joule at the enemy crystal. Our jungler, goes for the captain Catherine… instead of the Skaarf attacking our crystal, even though we ping him to attack Skaarf. Then our crystal shatters just before theirs does by .5 of a second.

Yeah, I didn’t get the replay because I quit the game.
But here’s a photo of Vgpro
Edit: forgot to blur names (Not that it matters)

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Do not disturb mode would have prevented this tragedy.


My DND turns off the sound, and I like to play with sound

Also, RIP that Baron. Why didn’t he go WP ?

What device are you using? That is a really lame quirk for DnD mode. :confused:

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Galaxy S7

This text will be blurred

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Weird, I have an S7 aswell and don’t experience this.

But I use the google play app to silence everything and lock my buttons now so I may not have noticed it.

The s8+
I think it’s a specific app I downloaded, even with my And mode it still went through :frowning:

Because CP Baron is a thing in Lower Tiers. It is understandable because nubs don’t know how to dodge his motars.

That Joule build makes me cry… Sgb on Joule while you have 15% piercing for WP. TT TM would have made a huge difference…

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