Lorelyre roam


Hey, I wanna share with you my low quality Lorilair video, hope you don’t get satisfied Semc buff her pls


This one time a Lorelai used her C to teleport this CP kestrel I caught out and was about to kill oh wait
whats a lorelie


you can captain for me anytime.


Wow I barely see gameplay where I’m impressed, really one of the reasons I won’t watch VGL. But you’re understanding of your limits and predictions we’re great. Wish you were on NA servers we could play.


Thanks a lot, although I wish I can land her A without using pools


Nice Lorelye gameplay.
You don’t see Loorelli much nowadays.
Even though Loruelllie has a pretty decent kit.


Thanks! Tho I feel like I could have done much more work when Lyra