Lorelai Skin Concepts

Lorelai doesn’t get enough love from SEMC, despite her being such a fun and beautiful hero. So, here are some of my skin ideas for her.

Fortune Teller Lorelai

-Red Gypsy Hat with access fabric hanging off

-Peach yellow shoulderless blouse

-Long, silky red and blue skirts

-Polished, round crystal ball

-(basically, google “fortune teller” and you’ll see what I was attempting to describe.)

Effect Changes:

(A) a pair of hands come up and snatches the target location, for everyone is in the hands of fate. Piranha puddle is now a bunch of paper fortune tellers (the pyramid things) opening every which way, (literally) bouncing up from a hole in the floor.

Edit: Forgot about the piranha puddle here, haha

(B) the center of the pool is now black and full of stars. The second layer (the part of the pool that turns red on the enemy side) is a cloudy golden nebula.

Note: Idk what this has to do with Fortune telling but thought that stars would relate somewhat. Also, this sounds really pretty to look at in general.

(ult) a hand, grasping the golden orb which protects your teammate. This hand is extremely transparent for effect and visibility.

Recall: Lorelai brings up a table before her (AKA a plank of wood with a tablecloth that she balanced on her tail). She then places the crystal ball on it and stares intently into it, with both of her hands hanging above the crystal ball. The ball then slowly rolls off the table, and Lorelai quickly clutches it and puts it close to her chest, knocking off the “table.” She then takes a deep breath as she teleports back to base.

Summer Party Lorelai

-Bright colorful red/pink tropical flowers

-Knotted up white short sleeved shirt

-Multi-colored lei

-Slightly dirty and used volleyball

Effect Changes:

(A) Giant shark comes up and bites its prey. Lionfish circle around in the puddle, damaging enemies with their sharp spines

(B) Center puddle would stay the same, except for a few details like a shell or bucket and pale. The second layer (the part of the puddle that turns red on enemy side) is now sand, now all glossy from the water’s tide.

(ult) The default ultimate, but with a red lei on it.

Recall: Exactly the same as Summer party Saw’s recall. She pulls out a kiddie pool, and jumps into it, with her tail flooding out of the pool. After a moment, she slowly moves her tail tip into the pool, lightly splashing it around.

Hope any of this made any sense. I can’t draw if my life depended on it, so sorry if I can’t include images. This is my first time posting here, so hey. Yeah.

On the other hand, this was posted on Reddit on /r/VG_hero_ideas, but thought that it would get a tiny bit more attention here. I really hope that isn’t a problem.


Like these!!! :thumbs3: :vgcheersx3:

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i too have an idea…

Arachnid Lorelai

-lower half is a spiders legs and abdomen (i am pretty sure spider legs come out of the head but just pretend ok)
-elaborate spider headress
-purple and black robes
-crystal ball is flies struggling helplessly on some silk

a ability is an egg sac and spiders hatching are the pirhannas

b abilty is a large web

ult is… i don’t know probably a web ball with spiders and such

your ideas are really nice and i hope lorelai gets a cool skin soon


I really like this idea, especially the spiders hatching too! And yeah, I really do hope that she gets a skin soon, too :slight_smile:

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There was a leaked skin, not sure when it’s coming out. There is hope though!

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Sounds like Spider Kween Kestrel

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