Lorelai - "Hidden" "Tricks"

I was experimenting some combos in practice mode, and I found out about these hidden tricks. If someone already discovered and shared these, RIP time and effort.

#1 - Instant-cast Splashdown (B) without consuming a pool
If you time it right, you can instantly cast her B right after the pool shows up on your A. Your A’s pool somehow does not get consumed. I find more success if I am in (or really close) to the middle of my A when I cast B. (Using her A to empower her C without consuming the pool works as well.)

“How would this be helpful?”
It’s super helpful in certain scenarios where you desperately need to speed your teammate (or slow your enemy) AND cast an empowered Waterwall © without comprimising your position. We all know how bad unempowered Waterwalls are.

#2 - Empowered abilties OUTSIDE your pools
This seems to work better if you tap ahead of your pool, and then cast an ability. Splashdown’s pool has a BIG window. Check the video below. This will maximize your “range” when you chase or disengage an enemy.

Lorelai’s “max instant cast range” (IDK if it can go further than that)


P.S. my ping was about 50ms average. It might be the lag? I don’t know. If this is a bug, then pls dont fix ty okk​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Great work!!! Some other fun things about Lorelai:

  1. Her pools speed up the creep wave. This can be useful in BR or split pushing.
  2. If you don’t need the instant stun (split push), it’s often better to move out of a pool to cast FF and then move back into it for the AA damage bonus and FF damage bonus.

i hope semc don’t see this and fix bug


Too late… jk

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Part of me feels like #2 was intentional to make her kit feel smoother, and #1 is straight up a bug.

i don’t see anything in the video that is out of place… everything is normal to me :sweat_smile:

care to point out what you mean?

are you reading the description correctly? the pool only disappears if you’re using your A while standing in your B (pool).

if you really want a hero hack, try laying down an instant firey goop B without needing to activate it with your fireball A, using Skaarf. I do it all the time. :kissing_heart:


All her abilities make pool. Casting an ability while standing in a pool will empower that ability and consume the pool. So, you can use her A’s pool to empower her B- and vice versa.

In this case, I was able to empower my B without consuming my A’s pool. It’s not a very flashy and abusive “hack”, but it can be game-changing. You can basically empower two abilities with one pool.

For #2, you need to stand on your pools to empower your abilities. Apparently there’s a slight margin where you don’t have to stand on them, as you can see in the picture.


Her A is also a pool…

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize this. Guess it’s time to abuse new bugs in Blitz again.

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Your tips are on point, however one thing to note is that her A pool is never consumed. It is only her B and by extension C pools that get consumed. This means you can sacrifice the dmg of your A to get the empowered effects for the duration of fish food and it is also confined to a smaller area. This is not a bug. You actually use it to stick to fleeing enemies and chain combos. A pro Lorelai tactic involves using your A on yourself when an enemy is closing in basic range, and using the B immediately after on top of the enemy to slow them for a burst of empowered basic attacks instead of worrying about a direct hit with A. After, flee past your A pool to put a deterrent between you and the enemy to continue kiting. If they flee out of your B pool, chase them into the pool and hopefully your A will come off cooldown in time to instant cast it to stop them.

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Thank you for this. I just tried Lane Lorelai in 3v3 doing what you said. It’s really fun just trapping them as your hurl your empowered AAs.