Looking for input and opinions for an idea

Hey forumers,

I’d like to ask some of you about an idea for a community Discord server.

For a very long time, I’ve wanted to create a ‘fall-back’ hub for individuals, creatives and gamers especially who can network cross-platform and cross-game to find friends, teammates, guilds, and ultimately have a single space of where you can call a ‘home’ online, if you will. A ‘fall-back’ place, where you know you can find someone in your times of what I’ll call a ‘gamers’ loneliness’, I suppose.

I know there are plenty of websites that offer similar ideas, as well as apps, and already-established Discord servers (save for the multitudes of Discord servers we’re already a part of, and may not even participate in).

How would you feel about something like this? What would make you stay? What would drive you to join?

I’d love to hear some thoughts some of you have.


I use to be apart of something like this on chatango I love the idea but it becomes major work to keep things untoxic and if I could do discord I would love to join

This usually doesn’t work with lots of people, because many reasons such as toxicity, immaturity, clash of interests, etc etc.

From my countless experiences, i say that it’s hard to make people feel welcome and intice them to stay and actually interact, instead of just joining and ditching for the lols.

I have yet to find such a place. and i’d be glad if this would be one.


I agree that part of the battle comes down to finding a way to manage immaturity. I’ve oft thought that maybe having a place with “less rules” to enforce, keep it 18+, but still keep it moderately SFW would be an idea, but unfortunately age does not equal maturity and would most likely not help anything.

Not only that but people who see 18+ expect things nsfw

If you want to regulate who comes in, use a form/application of some sort.(Google form?)(This would not ask for any personal info) It wouldn’t be like a hard thing to get into, just asks a couple of questions(What kind though?) and makes sure they are mature enough. It could be a nice pub to hang out in with people who aren’t A*holes. If they are bad, just boot em.

That’s a very good idea, actually. I was also thinking of making it two-factor authentication only. I appreciate this input, thank you very much.

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I don’t know but here’s my opinion. Some people may not use Discord and actually me personally don’t know how to use Discord though I have already installed it. Also, as Dachigenius said above, it would cause some further problems.

Discord is very simple interface much like slack. The downside to discord imo is it gets annoying and distracting sometimes unlike an irc

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