Looking for a new game

So I am fasing out of Vainglory, it brings me nothing but frustration. Horrible match ups, lagg and more and more Toxicity from both ends them and me.

I play Pokemon Go outside
Legend of Solgard as my puzzler RPG
I am looking for a live action game that is not a grind fest.

I love Torchlight mobile but it blocked me for using an APK, I want a real RPG preferably, a game with an auto setting is a big no for me.

Anyone have a good idea?

I’m guessing you’re only interested in Mobile games?

otherwise i would be playing Street Fighter V. ( i’ve been watching that non - stop on twitch). it fits into what you want - a live action game that’s not a grind fest. You get to Vs players from all over and matches last under 5 minutes each.

RPG without an Auto setting is pretty hard to come by.

I guess browsing through twitch would give you some good idea’s, which is what i do.

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If you don’t mind PC games then you can try Path of Exile.
Its an ARPG which doesn’t have to be grindy(although they’ll claim your soul once you complete the story mode)
and its getting an expansion in 2 days

I was big into Diablo II and guildwars expansions.

I dislike GW 2. All grind no customization…

If you want to try PC games, go for warframe. It is RPG and based upon PvE. Basically everything in the game is free. And by everything I literally mean everything. No stupid paid dlc. Any content released is free to access and it is pretty much has no pay to win concept.



Path of exile looks like the old diablo games.

Yeh if you liked diablo 2 you’d surely love poe.
A really awsome league is gonna start on the 31st so I’d recommend starting then/.

i googled warframe… the worlds look huge and very grindy…

checkin it out on twitch…

seems like the best way to play is to race through the map and complete the objective. don’t you get exp for killing stuff?

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There around 15 types of mission you do. Each mission serves its purpose. Like in capture mission you pretty much run to the end of the map and capture the target and extract. But if you want to grind for exp then we generally do defence missions where we have to protect a still objective. Hence all the enemies come to us and we kill them for exp. The devs have developed the movement of character like that to give us the fast paced action where you can combo your movement how ever you like with your attacks. It like freedom trust me. After playing warframe for a while now, If I play any other game it feels pretty slow.(my personal taste, I’m not saying any game is good or bad in comparison to warframe)

But one thing I do want to brag about is the community. Its probably the best one out there. Unlike vainglory people are not toxic and just enjoy the game. Everyone is ready to help each other out, even the noobs are treated really well(personal experience).

Edit: Sorry I can’t really explain the how exp works but I will tell you why defence is best for exp grind. In WF you get exp from all the your teammates’ kills, but for that to happen they need to be in your proximity. Hence everyone is in proximity of each other and we can do multiple waves and get all the exp from all kills by each team member.


I keep hearing so many good things about Warframe … but I looked at the hero roster, and none of them really “grabbed” me from my skimming over the list.

Maybe I need to give it another look …


They don’t appeal cause they don’t have a background to provide. Generally you find your favourite warframe by just playing randomly. Each warframe has 4 abilities which lead to different play styles. The game doesn’t look all that appealing but if you are looking for diablo 2 but as space ninjas then warframw is for you. Give it a try if you have time.

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