Looking for a EU guild which focus on rank, not fame

If the title sounds like a bad past experience, well it is ^^

So basically I’m looking for a guild (or a team) which enjoys playing ranked (3v3 or 5v5) in a rather serious way.
And who values quality (skill) above quantity (fame grinding).

About me, I solo queued my way to T9 5v5 last season. This season I’ve played much less 5v5 (and also less in general) to rank up 3v3, which was trailing behind.
I’m rather fairplay and don’t rage much in-game for mistakes. I do rage against trolls or pure proof of dumbness (like… building StormCrown in ARAL/ARAM ?!?).

My soloqueue draft rule is simply you pick whatever role/build path that hasn’t been picked yet, and so if you’re last, you fill. I do get annoyed by people who double pick a position. One of the reason why I’m looking forward more mature teamplays.

That also means that I’m not maining a position but am able to play decently any position in both 3 and 5.
This current patch, the heroes I played the most are : Caine, Cath, Kinetic, Koshka, Lance, Lorelai, Ylva.
Other picks I’m able to make work are San Feng, Varya, Reza, Magnus, GrumpJaw, Anka, Alpha.

I also enjoy Blitz and ARAL, but barely ever play Rumble/Casual.

IGN: Huntsekkern
See you in the Fold :slight_smile:

Not much EU activity,
I am working on building up a EU ranked Guild,
I am alone right now,
Still would you like to join, i am Ranked 8