Long time no see

Been busy with school stuffs for a while and i finally have more free time. Whats everyone up to now


Hello! Welcome back. Not sure we know each other too well, but I am currently drooling over the Poseidon Lance skin (despite not owning it… yet) and Wu Xing Forest Kestrel skin. Hop on and play some VG!

I’ve been gone for quite a bit too due to lack of interest in the game, and poor internet.

Recently back to playing semi daily, and despite the issues out of game (still very little progression) I found 5v5 to be in a really good place. The number of viable picks in 4.5 is really high. There is one S tier hero, but beyond that I think there is a really good spread of potential heroes across different roles.

Maybe it’s just coming to the game with fresh eyes, but it feels like there is so much to explore right now. Alpha seems to be viable both WP and CP; I’m still trying to work out the best CP build. In top lane I have found it can work to go Atlas first item on certain heroes, but idk if that is a legit strategy. WP Joule is viable again I’ve heard, so I certainly want to mess with that and work out the best WP path top (maybe bot?).

At least right now, every time I log on to play I’m exited to test something new. Any game that feels like a Sandbox I will enjoy, that’s why I love magic the gathering so much. If we get another solid balance update bringing older heroes back into the meta, that also keeps new heroes viable, and 4.7-8 brings the new items that were promised, I could see myself getting really into the game again, and potentially making VG related content if I have the time.

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Welcome back. I haven’t played VG in earnest since around the time 5v5 came out but I’m still here for some reason.


Currently ‘tryharding’ in dota underlords, but i might play vg casually again when my teammates come back

Ive really been enjoying underlords. Shame about the stability issues.

I wonder, why do you prefer it over other auto chess? Personally I think it’s better balanced, the being able to chose items (which imo are much more interesting than other games) gives it an edge overall.

Ive tried auto chess, underlords, teamfight tactics and chess rush and i enjoy underlords the most. It has a more serious feel, is PC/mobile crossplatform, has the best items system imo, and the devs have been extremely responsive to the community. There is a major balance and items revamp coming tomorrow and next week they are gonna add the head to head combat system that TFT has. It kinda reminds me of old vg before 2.0.

I mean, just look at this

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I haven’t played VG in years, still lurk here from time to time to see what’s up. It’s more nostalgia than anything, I’ve completely lost interest in the game.


hi riko owo :kissing_cat:

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Is that my lord and savior as your profile pic? :potoo: :sunny_happy_3:



Also I was sad to see the old forums went down for real some time ago.


Yeah, even though the Auto Chess creators, Drodo, created the Dota Auto Chess mod in the first place, Underlords seems to have a more serious feel, more polished and gave you simple item choices that you can pick. The major balance they hit us with yesterday was nice, probably will see less Knights/Warriors and Warlock combo.

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What’s up? You might not know me, I used to slither around fan lore :slight_smile: