Long Awaited Ozo Skin Idk


Ozo Background

Dont really play him

He seems like fun


Better be legendary or I will create a riot with the army of ozo.

I know almost everyone on this forum will join the Ozo.


When are we getting Malene and Lorelai skin though?


Who cares we need Ozo more right now
All anyone needs is ozo.

Especially in these dark time.


Honestly when Ozo came out that’s when SEMC started falling. Ozo patch was the last patch we got a an original map skin for 3v3. Everything after that was just repeats. And now we get nothing, thanks Ozo.(unless I’m wrong ofc)


How long was it since Wuxia Ozo’s release again?


Perfect time to release an ozo skin since he has a high winrate across all regions


My first thought as well. I don’t even play Ozo but I’m excited for the people who do. I hope it’s legendary so everyone will shut the hell up about it.




im praying it’s STILL smth about ozo tho and not just a big joke


They have a sense of humor too probably. No reason to completely rework a kit that works perfectly fine. This probably for that hype tbh.


i legit almost cried to that. i dont think his kit needs a change though


But his Leaked model had him with a Staff so maybe it is a new kit ;-;


WELL, if it is a re-work… you’ll know why right? Joystick controls.

His B is insanely hard to target and only by mastering it with tap touch will you fully master Ozo’s B.

we will have to see… stay tuned people.


Ozo pls don’t be a typical Wukong


I doubt it’s a rework it’s probably the skin release bc “ozo no skin” has been going around for a bit too long. If it was a rework then they would have had a new splash his acrobounce mechanic is too unique to give up. And it works fine on joystick, churn was the only person with a problem bc joystick didn’t let this ult reach full potential. The monkey has good WRs across the board as well. If a rework was intended they wouldn’t have been buffing Ozo for two patches straight anyways, after all reworks aren’t something that can just happen mid patch unless it’s minor af. Tbh I really don’t want an unnecessary rework. If pick rate is the issue then lance should get a rework instead.


actually if we’re going to talk about pick rate… Reim, grumpjaw and petal are sitting at the bottom.


inb4 they just switch his ult and his B