LoL Volibear and Fiddlesticks revamp/rework! Released 2020

Ahhh. Things like this makes me appreciate Riot for keeping older heros viable while changing or “updating” them to keep them in the race against newer and better heros.

Images to refresh you mind on what they might look like:


Yet you no mention Pantheon’s rework

Confused screaming


I mean, If I had to comment, I would say I really dont care for him since he’s personally not interesting enough for me.
Hes like a mythological rip off to say brutally. Though I havent read his lore tho.

But I do love the upgrades on his ult. That by itself is just amazing visually and how it would effect a teamfight.

Lore buff internal screaming.

Well you should read his lore and listen to his interactions. He’s no longer a god he is a man

PS His crit animation is a kick

100% crit Pantheon pls