LoL October Roadmap: Reworked Fiddlesticks, Volibear, and more!

Omg the reworked Fiddlesticks looks so damn scary :haha:

Plus we are given hints of the two newest heros, one thats a ADC with multiple weapons, and a toplaner.
New Hero Senna:

Concept art of Reworked Fiddlesticks

Concept art of Reworked Volibear

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Also the link shows a ingame model of Fiddlesticks and his twitchy and horrific body!

Also for the forumers who might not know what the current un-reworked forms of the the heros.




Reddit post about future hero leak!

Senna LORE!

Im sorry for all the forumers seeing how much LoL topics I have made over the week :potoo: