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Locked out


I do not abandon games. Something happened to the game while playing and it was glitching a lot then froze. I reset the app but it would not come back.

Now I finally get access to the game and I am locked out? I have played about 50 games the past couple weeks and never had that happen. Just one time and it was not my fault?

Send email to tech support and they don’t understand what I am asking? They want a screen shot.

So. How long does it lock one out?


What do you mean locked out ? , LPQ (low priority queue) , the LPQ doesn’t allow you to play ranked until you finish games without any bad things , so you need to play other modes (not ranked) until the LPQ go away .

I get the freezing things and my game kick me out sometimes after the freezing , but I always comeback before it consider me afk , avoid playing ranks until you fix your connection .