Little rant cause why not

First and biggest complaint, chats are totally broken you literally cannot talk to anyone whether its people in your friends list, party chat, draft chat and in game chat, nothing they’re totally broken. This is specially annoying in draft which have become a total lotery since you can’t discuss heroes swapping meaning power picks might go trough draft.

Second, dodging is once again an unpunished offense you can dodge all day long and not get lpq or any sort of penalty. Yep really having fun waiting half an hour to get a game.

Disclaimer: I am totally aware that semc couldnt give a damn about Vg and complaining wont change anything. I still will tho.
EDIT: Turns out chat problems are only experienced in eu server.

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Nah. The chat drops unexpectedly in NA too. At least there’s a glitch where the text box just refuses to show up. Also party chat still glitches from time to time. At least they finally (and silently) somewhat fixed the skaarf goop on turret glitch! It still happens but not as frequently.

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