Liao, The Former General

I have probably created the most cancerous hero to play against.

Lore: Liao was a former general under service of a warlord, who rose to power due to a civil war that began even before he was born. Liao retired after the civil war had ended, with his lord being victorious. Liao is now working as a mercenary, and his skill as a leader, warrior, and healer soon made him very valuable. However, he has sworn not to take any contracts that involves going against his home country, as he sees that going against it betrays both the work his former lord had done and his country.

Health: 780-2375 (+145 per level)
wp: 60-115 (+5 per level)
attack speed: 100%-115% (+1.5% per level)
Armor & shield: 20-70
Range: 2.5
Speed: 3.5

Perk: High Morale
Stuns & silences have their duration shortened by 10%, slows and roots by 25%, and speed reduction caused by slows is decreased by 50%.
Instead of energy, Liao uses Morale. Morale naturally regenerates at a rate of 10 Morale per second, capping at 1000 Morale. 5% of bonus energy is converted to cp.
If Liao builds 120 of both wp and cp, Morale cost of Reinforcements is reduced by 5, the duration of Attack Command is increased by .25 seconds, the Morale cost of Like the Wind is reduced by 25, and auto attack speed is increased by 10%. This buff is only activated when both wp and cp items are built, and wears off immediately if both aren’t present. This buff also stacks with the cp gained from bonus energy.

A: Reinforcements
Liao heals an ally. Liao can also heal himself. Using this ability resets Liao’s auto attack. After using this ability, Liao is unable to use another ability for 2 seconds. 2.5% of bonus health is added to heal. Overdrive: Mortal Wounds are removed from whoever is targeted by this ability.
Morale cost: 125/125/125/125/130
Heal: 75/100/125/150/150 (+50% cp)

B: Attack Command
Auto attacks temporarily damage everything in front of Liao in a 120° angle. When used, a cone appears in front of Liao to make targeting enemies easier. After using this ability, Liao is unable to use a different ability for 2 seconds, plus 1% of bonus wp/cp, with the higher amount of bonus wp/cp taking priority. Liao s also unable to use this ability for 11.75 seconds.
Morale Cost: 100/105/110/115/120
Duration: 7s/7.5s/8s/8.5s/9s
Crystal damage: 0/5/10/15/20/35 (+75% cp)

Ult: Like the Wind
Like the Wind temporarily increases movement speed and gives fortified health to both Liao and any allies within it’s radius. Liao also gets an increase to auto attack speed. Movement speed bonus doesn’t stack with active boots abilities. 5% of Liao’s bonus health is added to fortified health and .25% of Liao’s bonus health is added to the duration. Liao is unable to use a different ability for 5 seconds (+1% of bonus wp) and Morale regen is stopped for 2 seconds.
Morale cost: 600/700/800
Duration: 5s (+1.5% cp)
Fortified health: 250/325/400
Movement speed bonus: .5
auto attack speed increase: 25%/37.5%/50%

Sounds like brigitte for ow :eyes: