Liao The Former General (redux)

As the title says, this is a rebalancing of Liao.

Stats & Perk

Health: 780-2430 (+150 per level)
wp: 70-125 (+5 per level)
attack speed: 100%-127.5% (+2.5% per level)
Armor & shield: 20-70
Range: 2.5
Speed: 3.5

Perk: High Morale
Stuns and silences have their duration shortened by 10%, slows and roots by 25%, and speed reduction caused by slows is decreased by 50%.
Instead of energy, Liao uses Morale. Morale naturally regenerates at a rate of 10 Morale per second, capping at 1000 Morale. 5% of bonus energy is converted to cp and 50% of bonus energy regen is converted to Morale regen.
If Liao builds 120 of both wp and cp, Morale cost of Reinforcements is reduced by 5, the duration of Attack Command is increased by .25 seconds, the Morale cost of Like the Wind is reduced by 25, and auto attack speed is increased by 12.5%. This buff is only activated when both wp and cp items are built, and wears off immediately if both aren’t present. This buff includes 50% of bonus cp gained from bonus energy.


A: Reinforcements
Liao heals an ally. Liao can also heal himself. After using this ability, Liao is unable to use this ability for 7 seconds. 7.5% of bonus health is added to heal. Overdrive: Mortal Wounds are removed from whoever is targeted by this ability.
Morale cost: 120/122/124/126/130
Heal: 75/100/125/150/150 (+50% cp)

B: Sweeping Attack
Auto attacks temporarily damage everything in front of Liao in a 120° angle. When used, a cone appears in front of Liao to make damaging enemies easier. 2.5% of bonus health are converted to decaying slows. Decaying Slows have a cap of 60%. After using this ability Liao is unable to this ability again for 11 seconds.
Morale cost: 130/135/140/145/150
Duration: 7s/7.5s/8s/8.5s/9s
Crystal damage: 0/5/10/15/20/40 (+75% cp)
Decaying slow: 0%/0%/0%/0%/0% (+15% wp)

Ult: Like the Wind
Liao stands still for 1.5 seconds, alerting everyone within his presence, then he gives out a command to follow him. Like the Wind temporarily increases movement speed and gives fortified health to both Liao and any allies within it’s radius. Liao also gets an increase to auto attack speed. Movement speed bonus doesn’t stack with active boots abilities. 7.5% of Liao’s bonus health is added to fortified health. After using this ability, Liao is unable to use any ability for 1.5 seconds.
Morale cost: 600/650/700
Fortified health: 250/325/400
Movement speed bonus: .5/.5/.5
auto attack speed bonus: 75%/87.5%/100%
Fortified health duration: 5s
Movement speed bonus duration: 7s (+.5% cp)
auto attack speed bonus duration: 5s (+.5% wp)


Rare Talent: Second Wind
Like The Wind heals allies based on Liao’s base health, but has lower a health barrier.
Heal: 5.5% (+.5% per level)
Health Barrier: -29% ( +1% per level)

Epic Talent: Conqueror of the East
Morale regen is increased and ability timers set after using an ability are reduced.
Morale regen: +.25 (+.25 per level)
Ability timer: -25%

Legendary Talent: Resolute Marquis
Defensive effects of High Morale are increased and Like The Wind gives out defensive effects of High Morale.
Stun, Root, Silence, & Slow Duration Reduction: +.5% (+.5% per level)

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I think the numbers are low. Why put all abilities on a short cooldown after using any one? It is an idea I’ve used, but the circumstances of the hero I made it for kinda required it for him not to be OP. On Liao, it just makes the hero weaker and basically disables any combo potential.

Also, I don’t understand the build path. From the passive, you’ve made him look like a hybrid build. However you haven’t followed that up with the abilities, neither the A or the B have any WP ratio, and the A seems to have both a CP and a bonus health ratio on the same stat.

Also, his B doesn’t seem to fit into his kit. His Passive, A and Ult all seem to class him as a Captain hero, but his B provides no benefit whatsoever in that respect. That can be easily fixed though, simply add a slow to the empowered basic attacks.

Sorry for grilling you so much. I just like receiving criticism that helps, and so also giving it. I do have some good things to say about this hero too:

Firstly, I like his A overdrive. With the amount of mortal wounds you see in the game these days, something like this is needed. Also, I like the first part of his passive, all CC duration is reduced. It’s kinda like Phinn’s, and yet different, and still not OP.

Lastly, a question:

What are Aces? Maybe I’ve missed something but from what I can see that’s the only time they’re mentioned.

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The reason why I put all abilities on a cooldown was because I thought that the abilities would be op if they were able to be used all at once. Looking back, the only ability that might be too powerful is Liao’s ult, and I actually was to gonna remove the “ace” part, but it seems that I simply forgot to, as I was rushing myself to post this. I also wanted Liao to be versatile. In other words, I wanted him to be suited for hybrid cp/wp, hybrid cp/captian, wp, and captain builds, and if I can recall correctly, doesn’t Adagio have a health and cp ratio on his heals?

I want and checked and yes, you are right, Adagio does have both CP and health ratio on his A. As for hybrid builds, it kinda makes sense for a CP build path + maybe an SB, but there’s not much else you can do with WP.

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I’ve removed the all ability cooldowns on Liao’s A and B while shortening the all abilities cooldown on the ult. As you said, changing Liao’s B to slows would make it less out of place and much more useful. I’ve edited my previous post to clarify my thoughts, but I’ll reiterate a little bit of what I edited here. I wanted Liao to be as versatile as possible, with hybrid cp/wp, hybrid cp/captain, wp, and captian builds. If I really do want Liao to be stupidly versatile, then should I add both wp ratios and bonus health ratios to the slow, like how Gwen has a wp ratio for slows to her A, or should I delegate the slows to just bonus health?

I think if you add a WP ratio to it, you make it clear that WP/defence builds are for a disruptive Cap (with slows) while CP/defence builds give you more of a supportive Cap role (with healing. If you really want to push that, you could change the buffs on the ult so that the buff affected by WP does something to disrupt your enemy, while the buff affected by CP does something to help your ally. That’s just an idea tho. I do have more suggestions but I don’t want to alter your hero too much, it is your hero. Just tell me if you want to hear them tho.

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I’m all ears for your suggestions, as I really don’t know how else to tweak Liao’s abilities.

Really the main one was another suggestion for the B, to make it more exiting: landing three consecutive basic attacks on a single enemy will stun that enemy.

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