LF laid back Hawaii based guild

Are there any laid back Hawaii based 5v5 guilds out there? I’m looking for something that is more laid back and mature. Just some chill players that to team up with for 5v5 matches that play around 7pm to 10pm Hawaii time on the week days or noonish on weekends.

Please, I’m not interested in immature toxic adolescent type spam join guilds.

You need to join the Region-NA group before you can post there. Go to the hamburger menu in the top bar, then choose Groups. You should see the groups list, including the ones that you can join on your own. Just tap “Join group” for the NA one and you’re all set.

I’ll move this post there, but you need to edit the title, because I have no idea what to make it. :wink:

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Got it! Thanks!

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