Lets talk about the new modes!

One for all-
This is gonna be soo broken lmao.
Double gauntlets gone? Who cares. TIME FOR PENTA GAUNTLETS!!
Use your VC and all 5 celestes/barons/Kestrels can sync aim and delete a particular opponent lmao.
Imagine the chain silences and stuns from cath, phinn etc lol.
The completely invisible flicker team, afterburn chains with glaive, 5 cp saws lul. I am most excited about this game mode lol
Aram-other 5v5 mobile games have this. Played this before. Its fun but yeah…
Rumble- Excited for this too! I am sure within a few days, people will come out with cancerous comps lmao. For eg 4 support cp vox hypercarry or some CC chain comp like ardan, adagio, tony, cath and yates all playing cp.
The good thing about these are that there wont be boosted gold and it will be just like a normal game from scratch(I think) so they seem fun.
And where are the patch notesssss

The thought of 5 Takas running around the map gives me chills. And oh my gosh fortress ults are going to be ridiculous in that mode! lmao. Talk about graphics overload.

Edit: Actually what really scares me? 5 celeste ults just flying across the map filling the lane lol. Or 5 baron ults just crushing your whole team from base, and oh my, sniper wars with kestrel are going to be insane, not to mention…skaarf ults. Everything is going to be pretty crazy. We actually have real brawl game modes now!

I just hope we can experience some of them without talents, especially this one, even though I’d rather talents be in this to give everybody’s individual hero a bit more flair. And the build comps! This mode will be great for testing what builds are better with more accuracy!

I just wonder if the hero is always going to be randomly assigned with no chance of reroll because I don’t see people coming together to pick a hero as a realistic thing unless it’s a party or private match. Now that I think of it, things like this push the issue of separating solo play and party play that idmonfish brought up once a bit more. At least I think it was idmonfish.

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Think it was said that not all heroes will be available for reasons like 5 fort ults and other stuff

Aw that kinda kills it though. Free them. Free them ALL so we can watch the beautiful chaos and pain of rng hero picks. I mean I really hope it’s rng.

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I want it too, I like being fort but I can see why not all would be included

Every game should have a little anarchy in it somewhere. Keeps the gaming spirit :wink:

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It was mentioned fortress would hurt performance on a lot of devices.