Lets give people who arent as good at 5v5 a chance! :)

So I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends across a few platforms and I cant help but notice they generally treat a lot of the players in 5v5 pretty badly or at least poorly just because they seem to be slipping up on their performance. I am not completely innocent either, when I first started playing 5v5 I was raging at my allies (to myself of course. Being toxic to someone is generally not a good idea :innocent: ) but I’ve taken a second to think it over and rationalize things.

Here are my reasons for why a person would be bad at 5v5 in VG:

  1. A lot of VG’s 5v5 players are no doubt players who came from other mobile 5v5 games such as Arena of Valor or Mobile Legends. I love both games as things to play on the side when im taking a break from VG, but thats just the thing. AoV and ML are both pretty casual games with a slightly wacky sense of what the meta should look like compared to VG. On top of that, they are generally joy stick gamers (people who prefer mobile games that have a joy stick for movement control). The tap controls came easy to me personally and probably a lot of other VG players, but we have to remember that for someone who has played nothing but joystick the tap controls will be a pain and will also be very hard to comprehend. Something a lot of VG players tend to disregard is that a player who came from ML or AoV will probably have a harder time and therefore will not play as well at first.

  2. Quite a few of VG’s players have never really played a 5v5 MOBA. I have at least 5 friends who only ever played VG and even if they did play another 5v5 MOBA it was never for very long. 3v3 is massively different from 5v5, and anyone who plays 1 for a couple of years and then starts trying the other will be pretty lost. For instance, in 5v5 if you dont focus on objective control and rat tactics, then you may very well have a rough time while in 3v3, things tend to go to the team who can kill the enemy laner and jungler. Thats just 1 small example of how different things are. I’ve been seeing a lot of people try to play it like 3v3 and you know what, thats ok. They will lose because of it and, if they are smart about it, look at why they lost and what they did wrong. From there, they will improve and start to play it more like a 5v5. (hopefully somebody will help them too)

  3. Some people might just feel pretty overwhelmed with everything 5v5 has changed. For instance, vision is a totally new game. 5v5 does not use scout traps and flares, it uses the good old ward system (They are known as scout cams in VG). For anyone who doesnt see much of a difference, it is actually a huge difference. The trap/flare system was set up so that the roamer would have to use his own skill to keep up his vision control, with small but not usually frequent exceptions for the carry/jungle to pitch in as well. The ward system, however, demands that everyone pitch in with the vision control. Laners can no longer spam ping the captain for when their is no vision control in their lane because they need to maintain it as well now. For a lot of people thats a really big change. I have many friends who have only ever played carry or jungle and never really bothered to learn that much about vision control. Now they suddenly have to learn it and on top of that they have to learn it with a different style of vision than they are used to. You might be taking the changes 5v5 has to offer well, but for others they can just be more than a little too much to handle in a bunch of different ways.

Sorry that I turned this into a new novel for you to read lol. We need to understand though that a lot of people are having tough times in 5v5 for very reasonable and forgiving things rather than what I’ve seen friends say like “they are just bad because they dont want to bother learning and they are just trolls who should delete the game.”. I’m not saying there are absolutely no trolls, quitters, or people who dont want to try at all, every game will have its fair share of those players, but we need to understand that currently they only make up a small of amount of the people playing badly.

A lot of the current 5v5 players just need to learn more about VG 5v5 and its mechanics and practice them. And you can seriously help them by telling them what they need to know, helping them to practice, or even just being a little more friendly rather than pretty toxic because in your opinion they nuclear bombed your 5v5 game. :smiley: (oh lord that actually looked pretty sarcastic with the smiley face lol)


This is really an excellent post, and more advanced players would do well to keep this in mind before rage-pinging, spamming surrender, and generally being toxic when things start to go wrong for their team. (All of which I’ve seen in the majority of the 5v5 matches I’ve played thus far.) A good way to kill this game is to chase off the new players who are coming to it specifically to try out 5v5.


i kinda feel like this is more appropriate in a week or so, whith the release of 3.0. i doubt many aov Players have paid 20 bucks to Play vg 5v5 now.

but so far, i only had one game with a salty teammate, because i as wp saw took the wp buff he wanted as ringo. we won easily in the end, because the enemy was really lost and seemed rather new and i didnt get focussed as much as i should have been.

Little tip: dont chase anyone as saw. go for the turrets, they cant run away from you.

Get the word out. Post everywhere and anywhere. Social Media and Youtube.

The more the merrier. Honestly should be common sense… i mean, its only 3 days of 5v5 so far… so lets just have fun and forgive the mistakes.

Me personally just completed a 3v4 … (2 afk on our side… 1 on their side)… and it was actually pretty fun.
25 minutes match. We won. I was Koshka :smirk:

pff, koshka. i would be impressed if you played churnwalker. the one hero that loses potential, if the enemy goes afk…

I tried Churnwalker with CP Vox, CP Samuel, Echo Ardan, and WP Saw. I was way too slow to roam so I babysat Vox in mid (chains and bounces were fun) while occasionally doing a rotation in jungle into top lane or bottom. I feel like the only thing holding him back is move speed, which would be an easy move speed balance to bring him back into 5v5. That is, unless they intentionally want him slow

Wow, it’s felt like a week already.

Excellent post. Unfortunately the games lack of communication makes it difficult to differentiate a new player from the rest, and even moreso it’s harder (read: nearly impossible) to communicate a desire to help or explain anything to said players. Not to mention the stigma attached to certain pings and how some people take every ping as 100% sarcasm and some overuse them, etc. Hopefully more new users will be looking to join this forum, or other means of communicating, and we can extend our helping hands moving into the release 5v5.

Vainglory is my very first MOBA. In all of my years of gaming, Vainglory is the one and only I’ve ever played. I took a long break and been playing a lot of Hearthstone, but I saw there was an update for VG and here I am.

As a new player, I am always open to constructive criticism. If there is a link that can inform me on what the meta looks like, or a good hero/role to start out with would be cool.

Too many times I’ve accepted a friend request just to be cussed out, accused of feeding/trolling etc. None of those things are true. The fact of the matter is, there are some players aren’t new to the game; they are new to the genre.

Quitters never win, and winners never quit. I updated the game, and have been kinda playing quests and stuff. I haven’t played any 5v5 matches as I do not have access.

But as a new player, I definitely appreciate this post. This gives me hope that maybe my second time around, I can have a better experience.


This also applies to all Vainglory social media (Discord, Reddit, twitter, even the forums). We have to be welcoming of new users who will join in on the conversation in order to make 5v5 a wonderful experience for everyone.


You post this too early but i kinda like agree with you since i also played those game back then

Playing roam in 5v5 is very hard and boring. I was Lyra. Lyra should walk from bot to top lane just because stupid allies that still shout “We Need Vision”. 5v5 is very big map that using that teleport boots still useless because very long cooldown. I should heal every allies until my energy went out. When my energy went out, i was easy target. When i diied, sooner my allies died too one by one. Babysitting in one lane just would make a lot of green pings appear asking something. Captain’s path should be reworked I think.

Well I see a lot of players who have no clue what they are doing, but I don’t rage.
I saw some alpha trying to solo blackclaw with the entire enemy team alive, which led to her dying and enemy unleashing it lol. I did try to yellow ping her, but didn’t spam it. Oh well.
I saw laners taking all my farm (I was jungling). Ok, you can take the buff from time to time, but they kept taking all healing camps, gold treant, buffs, and those 2 little minions in the back. Sure I guess, they must be new.

Current 5v5 is just like casual, you play for practicing and getting better.

So iam going to hold back all the spam pinging and raging for when 5v5 ranked mode is released :happy:

My problem is that in every match I play…

Double boots? JB+WT I used that on Phinn with great success since it enables you to position like you want. Also to keep up with enemy heroes. Boots+ hit for the 12 sec cd…

Jungler does not own jungle.

Jungler=multi lane ganker.

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Yes, but jungler can’t gank all the time. He also has the job of clearing his jungle so that he gets gold and exp and can actually do something in the game, and also so it won’t be stolen by the enemy jungler.
He is also supposed to steal enemy farm whenever opportunity arises, so as to starve the enemy of gold and exp.
Ganking is important, but ganking all the time and being unsuccessful is just time wasted+potential gold lost.


Teleport boots have 12 sec cd…

180sec on first golden ticket version, i dont know about now. I dont like this boots.