Leo Concept Art by Alex Chen

When your concept art has more personality than the character in game…

Artist/Artstation: Alex Chen

Once again the original or old version of Leo is on his post/in the link I posted.

He looks WAYYYYYYY different compared to now.

Expectation : daddy leo

Realtiy: twink leo

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He looks like Lloyd in his original art

He looks fairly similar. Honestly I was always fond of Leo’s look in game.

Ahhh I mean that his concept art gives him a story compared to his voicelines in game.

In game he just sounds… shall I dare say… basic/boring.

Even Ishtar has personality (sadistic qualities) and she even has Lore!

Nice concept! Personally I’m not a fan of big swords but you did a great job.

wAIt NO i did NOT AND I REPEAT NOT make these beautiful concepts.

Alex Chen (the link I provided) made these on his Artstation!

Alex is also a VG dev.