Legends of Ace


i have not seen any one talking about this and me and some of my siblings downloaded it it is quite fun (we all found we main 3 different lanes so that works out nicely). It has no shop or gold system (ingame), just a preselected card system, so it is a much easier learning curve, you just gain additional stats/abilities whenever you reach a certain level (15 levels but only 8 upgrades).
i am not certain about the balance since i am stomping the lower ranks but the rank system is quite easy to under stand. you win 5 matches in a rank you go up to the next stage of that rank. i believe there is 5 stages in each rank? (at least in the lowest rank)

i just made this to talk about my favourite hero:
Flora, the Goddess of Flowers

she is recommended for bottom but i prefer mid so that is where i play her :^)

her passive is what makes her enjoyable, it summons flowers which act as small, uniteractable turrets to attack the enemies. they are summoned whenever you are not moving (you can still be attacking) and wilt if you are more than 5 metres away from them.

so if you use her b (you root yoursself in extra for greater range, attack speed and defence) you can turn yourself into a little turret with up to 5 flowers that can heal you for their damage.

it seems to be a quite toxic style because i plant myself and just watch them get decimated by the numbers of projectiles i am shooting at them (they won’t try to run away because your a pulls and roots them and your ult teleports you and the flowers to a new location with added damae :^^) ) but i sure do enjoy it.

so uuuuuuuuuuh in the end i would reccomend you check this out, the ingame art is not great but it is fun and easy to learn


This sounds like saw but… somehow more toxic? I love it.

I do like the artwork on some of the heroes. Perhaps when I have a larger device with more storage, I will try this. I have heard good things as well. It appears it’s a relatively new game? The hero roster pool seems to be small/ in it’s starting stages?


It is quite small only 9 mages :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: but that makes it easier to know the matchups which is good
It may be new which is why people are not talking about it? I am not sure