League's 10 year anniversary is Oct 15th

Interesting (and amazing) stat:

Riot’s full announcement here

The new logo (above) is not getting a favorable reaction from the League community so far :laughing:

They better release their mobile port that day.

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Highly doubtful. It doesn’t even appear to be in beta yet.

It reminds me of the AoV logo which reminds me of how cheep and lifeless it looks.

But its nice that they have something huge planned as if it was a field day for the LoL community

I hate this new design aesthetic of “clean” … so many poor (“lifeless” is a great term) designs have come out of it. This is yet another example.

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I really like the modern trend of clean design. Don’t confuse clean with bad design. Bad design can exist in any style.

I actually really like the new LoL logo. Its clean, but still visually interesting in a subtle way. LoL knows how to do good design.

How did I know you’d take a contrary viewpoint? :laughing:

There are good and bad things about every style, of course. But what I dislike about the “clean” aesthetic is that much of it is lifeless and uninspired. The new League logo, to me, is exactly that. (As someone who was paid to do graphic design and typesetting in the past, even the typography of the logo annoys me.) Somebody on the League boards commented that it could have come out of the WordArt feature in MS Word … and that’s not far wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As an aside, you might be interested in this site, which features reviews of logos, brand identities, &c.:


I don’t enjoy being contrary. You make it sound as if I would disagree with you regardless of your opinion.

That is a very interesting site, thanks for the link. To be honest though, I tend to like the redesigns a lot more. Modern design tends to be about reducing something to as few elements as possible while still retaining the information it’s meant to convey. I actually think modern design has a lot in common with much older branding of companies before everything tried to be 3D. A lot of pre ww2 designs would honestly look at home in todays landscape.


Apparently there a rumor that LoL mobile will be announced on the oct 15th livestream. Honestly Im surprised because before, everyone was expected it to come out much later in next year but seeing the leaked footage, I kinda understand now.

I’ve been hearing the same … not that I have any idea of the reliability of the sources, unfortunately …

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