League Season 2021

RUINATION (Season 2021 Cinematic)

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Champions in Season 2021

Skins & Events in Season 2021

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Gameplay in Season 2021

@hazeleyes Who are you voting for this year?

Personally Im voting Shyv first since she looks the worst in models. And Debonair 2.0 since I feel like they can revive it like Highnoon.

The other two choices though feel like theyre not as good…

Crime City Nightmare feels like Mafia but they stole the horror/demonic feel from the rebooted Highnoon and Pokemon Hunters feels like its just going to be Star Guardian pets with pokemon clothing.

Debonair feels different (a good different) to me. :face_with_monocle: Also who doesnt like high or sleek clothing.

Also this Leona concept art may have been the reason why I instantly liked this theme over the other two…

I voted for Shyvana also – I’d love to see what the modeling and VFX folks could do with her dragon form!

I confess to voting for Crime City Nightmare because of the Akali concept art, but I was very tempted to vote for Debonair 2.0 – I’d be totally happy with either one of those being the winner.

Completely agree that Pokemon Monster Tamers doesn’t add much and is too similar to the SG aesthetic.

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Tbh all the art that was on the LoL survey that they pushed out quietly, a while ago, is all the skins that they revealed this year.

So my guess is that they plan on releasing all the skins however the vote is just for which skinline to be released first!

Edit: some of the skins shown on the survey was revealed as skin lines, not all of them.

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Ngl Crime City NM has that Darkin vibe to it

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Crime City Nightmare wins! (And Udyr :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Also: Debonair 2.0 will be coming later in the year!