League of legends mobile gameplay leaked

Not sure how true/final representation of the game this is, but I think it’s interesting to share. Leaked LOL mobile gameplay.


Joystick :nauseated_face:

Doesn’t look bad though.


Yeah, but as expected to be for a various of reasons. Low quality, but it does look good visually. We will see, it’s early in the development.


Joystick… Nope i will pass 30


God I was expecting the worst but it doesnt seem so.

Things I like:
• Every hero still is a LoL hero (no new or 3 ability version)
• The interface is still the same as PC (and nice lookin)
• Gameplay wise seems to be the same such as runes and same map.

My only gripe is that I hope all purchasable items bought on the PC version is mirrored to the mobile version. Because I am NOT down paying for the same owned skin.

On another hand, Ezreal will be a absolute pain in the :peach: to play on mobile since 3 out of his 4 abilities are skill shots.

And about the joystick. Luckily since I played AoV in the time I took a break of VG, I dont think I will personally be affected by this. And I bet you that the joystick will be actually playable then Vgs joystick since they havent refined it since the release of it.

Bye BF and hello Mobile Fiora :lyra:

@hazeleyes I want to hear your opinion UwU

EDIT: Also I hope they dont try to make it a shorter game spand. Unlike VG who completely changed 3v3 by doing that.


Finally had a chance to watch that video – it looks VERY faithful to the PC version and appears to be very playable already! I don’t know that I’d ever want to play League on a small screen myself, but I can see it being huge for people who want a serious MOBA on mobile.

This x 1000000. I definitely don’t want cross-platform play, but I definitely do want my collection of champs and skins to be the same on both platforms.


Highly doubt they will do it tho… as it would be for sure more profitable (a lot more) to not do it and implement predatory tactics to make money. :frowning:

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Not sure you’re correct about that – I actually think it’s unlikely that PC players will spend twice to unlock skins on mobile. Mobile players are unlikely to move to PC if they have to pay to unlock everything all over again.

It seems to me to be a smart marketing move to sync skin and champ unlocks across platforms, as you’d encourage players to switch back and forth between them, increasing the overall player pool and making both games healthier.

Riot has shown that they understand that they’re in this for the long term, so I think it’s quite a reasonable possibility that they’d do it this way.

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The amount of times Riot was called out for their money grabbing attempts (cough Pajama Party Skins). I doubt that they would keep the platform sync separate.

No one wants to buy two of the same thing and thats a feeling that people experience once in their life so the community will sure hang riot by their toes if they try to do something.

Hope so as they does not need the pc player base playing on mobile, there are times more potential “customers” among the “mobile gamers” that mostly just hear about lol, but game on mobile. Either way, we will find out eventually and surely try it out. Looks really promising for now.

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not stoked about joystick, but this is pretty exciting :minions_happy_t3: