League 10th Anniversary


10 days of gifting (beginning 10/17)
Your Shop returning (including legendaries for the first time)
the return of URF (10/28-11/8) with selectable champs
Riot Games Social Impact Fund
Dawnbringer Karma (all proceeds to Social Impact Fund)

all products and services coming in Arabic

Preseason 2020: Rise of the Elements

  • drake elements change the map!
  • new buffs from drakes (not just stats)
  • Elder buff now includes execute

map changes

  • new alcoves in top/bot lanes
  • new brush
  • more!

new hero Senna

League Mobile (alpha + beta next year, full rollout by end of 2020) - Wild Rift
TFT coming soon to mobile devices

99.6 million viewers for 2018 final
more eSports features
eSports Manager game

comics, novels, board games, music vids, TV

other games coming:

  • Project L: fighting game (Runeterran heroes)
  • Project A: FPS/tactical shooter (new heroes)
  • Legends of Runeterra card game (no RNG card packs!)

animated series: Arcane


Im legit soo shook!

Imagine having such a expansion on so many different genres and even a animated series

Riot Games is most definitely taking Blizzard on a run for its money :haha:


Trying to pre-register for the card game, but as expected, the servers are swamped :stuck_out_tongue:

For those interested: https://playruneterra.com

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Also I stood up from my seat when the Lucian teaser was shown. ADC Support? :easter_happy_3:


Edit: 2020 is the time for Riot and Im totally here for it!

Also I think they showed footage of the MMO but it was shown, never talked about…


I noticed that too – it looked GREAT! Hopefully we’ll hear more about it when people get to ask the devs questions!

I slightly feel bad for SEMC now considering Riot is taking one of the aspects that VG was planned to have over League with the whole availability on all devices, even if it’s just the mobile version of League.

Also what even happened to the console ports of VG? They made a kinda big deal out of it but never followed up with info on it

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I think Riot’s approach is better, though – it’s truly a separate game, optimized for mobile (different map, graphics, etc.). I hope it’s more like VG was before 5v5 – fun, fast, and did I say fun already?

I think the utter failure of the PC & Steam launches pretty much sealed the fate of any more ports.


I really agree that making it a altered version of the game rather than a 1:1 port is just a way better idea considering some of aspects of the game wouldn’t work too well for a mobile experience (like match lengths).

Definitely getting off-topic, but that was such a bad move for them, especially seeing as they abandoned the whole “perfected for touch” gimmick and seemingly the “cross-platform on all devices” one as well.

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A little link guide to most of the listed topics above.

Preseason 2020: Rise of the Elementals Blog Post
League of Legends: Wild Rift Trailer
TFT Mobile Blog Post

Also the amazing Senna Trailer!

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Xayah and Rakan: “We’re the best couple of League.”

Lucian and Senna: “Hold our guns.”

I had to laugh when I saw this on a YT comment :ozo:

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I’m already pretty interested in the fighting game based on the minor snippets of development gameplay shown alone.

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LoL M is up for pre-registration


For accounts created before yesterday’s live stream began, you’ll get the gifts above each day you log in beginning 10/17!

3000 orange essence? 25 prestige points? 200 Worlds tokens? 2 gemstones? These are pretty amazing!!!

Not to mention a free Annie-versary skin for FREE!

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Best tweet summing up yesterday’s live stream :laughing:

Some cool 10th anniversary stuff on SR this morning! The match starts off with fireworks, and there are cute little anniversary poros all over the map! :hugs:

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I saw a couple bigger news organizations covering momwnts from the matches as well as League: Wild Rift.

I’m personally super excited for anything mobile as it’s my go to gaming platform.

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And, as promised, Your Shop returns! (And my RP disappear …) :money_with_wings:

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Project Ashe, Divine Blade Irelia, Shadow Evelynn :spring_ok_3: :gwenrainbowbarf:

RP? Oh that went out the window.