Late to the game?

I’ve had it happen twice now (out of 2 matches total) that I load late into the 5vs5 map. Everyone else is already in lane and so on.

I do get fog of war and stuff, so my device seems fine with the GFX and RAM part?

Does anyone else have this issue?

Happens to me in a third of the matches. It is a bug most likely…

The only lag I’ve had so far is skipping frames. My MS is fine. Just missing frames. Seems to only last one game and then it’s fine.

It’s not really lag for me - no stuttering or anything once the map is loaded. But I never make it to the start of the match in time.

SEMC recommends putting the VG resources into the internal storage rather then the external storage. They said that will improve loading time.

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That’s nonsense (as usual), but it seems a workaround could be to keep touching the loading screen.
'looks like in my case the resources are actually loaded already, but without input, the screen does not switch. Really odd.

I’m just the messenger boy lol

But yeah, that is odd.

Sorry, I did not mean to lash out at you there. It’s just that software developers have a tendency to blame their bugs on customers’ setups; and in this case it seems kinda obvious.

Never had this issue, but at least you got into the game eh?