Lags and bugs have increased

I was hoping that SEMC would improve QoL this update but I was wrong, it’s still bugged and lags a lot. I stuck with the game even through 2.9,2.10 broken patches but these connection issues are extremely aggravating. I am okay with broken heroes but the game being literally unplayable due to lag is a problem. If these issues are making a long time player think about quitting then imagine how much new players you lose. Fix the lag issues, SEA is notorious for this and take care of the bugs first before introducing anything new to the game. I love this game and would hate to see it fail because of such minor overlooked things


they cant stop anything else, because a graphic designer cant help with your network.

some of those lag problems have to do with the companies running the networks and its not that easy to get another company to fix their stuff.


SEA problems won’t be fixed with update 3.x 4.x, etc. They need to fix something that if not fixed till now - can’t be fixed, atleast in no practical manner (i.e. they can fix it, but give so much money that it’s literally better to not have servers there and lose those players).

For example I am in EU, played only one game yesterday but it was totally perfect + the performance was better, phone heated less and drained less battery. So for me they optimised the map performance in 5vs5 that leaded to better fps, less heat, more battery life. Not to mention that the map now looks a lot better.

As for server opinion, one or two or 10 games is no indication. One would need to play few weeks daily to give unbiased opinion if better/worse and on what times.

Give them time jeez 3.2 was not long after 3.1 network coding is not a light thing and with issues like that it gets to be trial and error if you don’t have the resourses ddos attack yourself to see exactly how much load you can take before things slow down. During that time you also have to monitor ping rates. Not to mention one wrong character in the code could break the game

Agreed, it’s hard to tell whether performance is better or worse in the days immediately after a patch drops, since the number of servers online may vary, there’s a spike in matches played, etc.

SEA is the largest region by a significant amount, and the infrastructure there is challenging, to say the least. (Not as bad as poor SA, though.) That’s another issue that affects performance.

Additionally, this patch wasn’t intended to focus on QoL and QoS issues … that’s supposed to be the focus of upcoming patches, beginning with 3.3. (Though we’ve heard that song before … I’m not holding my breath, because SEMC seem to get distracted from their roadmap quite frequently.)


I have had lagg spikes since update too and none before…

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