Lag in SEA, Rank Diff

Why is it that after every update there will be major lag, and it is back at it again at the neglected SEA server after a day and 11 hours of delay before the implementation of update 3.1
Literally I am getting 300ms plus ping despite living in Singapore where the server is god dammit hosted.
Maybe its just 5v5 still being unstable idk, queues can go up to 7 mins long! Pretty sure its not only me because my friends were complaining about lag in the team chat as well, of which we now can no longer play together due to rank difference bs. Welp that’s life isn’t it. I actually had to purposely drop and even troll in rank to tier7 so that we can play together and push our team ranking. I can’t even feel bad about trolling in rank given that everyone is doing it as well.
Plus fortress is still op

i see your grain of salt… and Add my mountain of salt…

I am SO FED up~!!! with the constant LAG and AFK and BAD PLAYS… I want to win~!!! not “we’re sorry your team abandoned you”… “as a result it did not effect your skill tier”…

I want to see results. Real results. No lag, no afk’s, no feeders, no trolls~!!!

I want to see: “as a result, that scum got permanent banned for life and we personally sent Dwayne the Rock Johnson to shove a pineapple up his arse, we will send pictures after confirmation of pineapple stuck up the Desserter’s arse”… for a small $1.00 fee, you can upgrade the pineapple to a full sized durian fruit, for extra stress relief.

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Im in SEA too and i decide to stop playing any kind of matches in vg except bot match, since vg is retarded now. …lol

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